ZaiLab Review: A Unique Cloud-based Contact Centre Solution

An omnichannel contact centre enhanced by AI

ZaiLab Review: A Unique Cloud-based Contact Centre Solution

Today’s contact centre faces a range of unique problems. Not only do you need to figure out how you’re going to communicate with your audience in a way that ensures satisfaction and reduces churn, but you also need to find the right people to delight your customers. One cost-saving solution is to off-shore your employment needs. Of course, accessing staff overseas means that local job numbers begin to dwindle, and customers aren’t always happy dealing with agents who don’t fully-understand their dialect, culture, or individual nuances.

ZaiLab hopes to bring the contact centre back into the local environment with an AI-boosted omnichannel contact centre solution on a pay-as-you-go model.

The Contact Centre as a Service Model

Contact centre AgentZaiLab is built on the cloud using the contact centre as a service, CCaaS model. They’re the first company in the world that allows customers to register online, access a telephone number, and start accepting calls in minutes. They also provide a single waiting room feature that unifies the contact centre experience by bringing interactions together into a single space, then uses artificial intelligence to assign calls to the right agent.

Features of the ZaiLab Contact Centre

ZaiLab offers inbound, outbound and blended communication solutions on an omnichannel platform designed to fit an ever-more diverse marketplace. It comes equipped with all the standard features a contact centre admin would need, from workforce management solutions to quality assessment, and more. Features include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Call Recording
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Workforce Management
  • Single platform for all roles

What We Like About ZaiLab

Perhaps the most compelling thing about ZaiLab as a contact centre offering is that it’s not just another CCaaS system. ZaiLab was specifically built to solve the problems that contact centres face on a daily basis, including:

  • Accessibility: ZaiLab eliminates the high costs and license agreements associated with contact centres with a usage-based system that allows users to pay exclusively for the features they use
  • Ease of Use: There’s no need for a technician to set up and maintain the contact centre. With the CCaaS model, you can simply use drag-and-drop interfaces and wizards to set up an entire contact centre from scratch
  • Context: ZaiLab helps contact centre agents to work more efficiently in a modern omnichannel environment by providing them with customer details, history, and conversation notes in a single place
  • Call queuing: Standard queuing systems don’t know how to prioritize conversations in terms of using artificial intelligence, ZaiLab can determine how important each interaction is, and which agent needs to address it
  • Insights: Many operations managers struggle to understand what’s happening in their call centre, but real-time dashboards ensure that you can get to the bottom of your contact centre operations faster than ever on ZaiLab
  • Integration: Running a contact centre can mean trying to bring together multiple tools at once, unfortunately, if those tools don’t work together seamlessly, this can lead to problems with productivity. ZaiLab offers call recording, AQ, and other tools in one location for a fully integrated solution

A Pay as You Go Intelligent Contact Centre

ZaiLab is a feature-rich and convenient solution for those in search of an efficient CCaaS solution. Thanks to the software as a service (SaaS) model, the company can offer a system that allows people to pay for precisely what they use and nothing more. This means that you don’t have to worry about contracts, licensing fees, or upfront costs. ZaiLab users can experience a free trial of the system on the website, or they can use the brand’s calculator to find out how much they can save by switching to a usage-based price model.


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