Zailab Share the Benefits of Partnering with Intelisys

Zailab joins esteemed ranks as a supplier for Intelisys

Zailab Share the Benefits of Partnering with Intelisys

Partnerships and consolidation are two significant trends that we’ve seen throughout the last year in communication. As digital transformation changes the world as we know it, customer experience emerges as the ultimate differentiator, and the comms space grows increasingly competitive, vendors of all shapes and sizes are using professional connections to build out their portfolio.

Zailab, an omnichannel contact centre solution supported by cloud-based AI, recently followed in the footsteps of numerous leaders in the communication industry like Avaya, RingCentral, 8×8, and Five9, with the announcement that it would be partnering with master agency Intelisys. Zailab explained their collaboration decision at an Intelisys event after they made something of a shocking entrance.

Zailab’s Flair for the Dramatics

Zailab made quite an impact at Channel Connect, the annual partner networking event when they placed an 18-ton company mascot outside of the venue. The stunt was part of Zailab’s bizarre celebration of their decision to partner with Intelisys, but it’s not the first time that the company has made quite a splash at an industry event.

Zailab also raised a few eyebrows at Enterprise Connect when they used the ZaiTruck as part of their expo stand. The truck was fully operational at the time and offered an innovative demonstration of the company’s cloud-based communication solution.

Though Zailab is well-known for it’s larger than life demonstrations and industry events, it’s fair to say that the offering the company provides stands out in its own right. When Zailab arrived at the Intelisys Channel Connect event, they were eager to show off what they were going to deliver to the agent’s channel partners.

Bringing Something New to The Contact Centre Market

Zailab’s inspiring demonstration at Channel Connect was presented by the company CEO, Nour Addine Ayyoub. As part of the “New Kids on the Block” session, Zailab appeared alongside Lifesize and Cyxtera Technologies to give people an insight into their omnichannel contact centre solution. The SVP of Sales, Michael Cibelli was also available to answer any partner questions with his team.

As mentioned above, Zailab is a contact centre solution and winner of the Visionary Contact Centre award from Frost and Sullivan for both 2016 and 2017. Designed with a pay-as-you-go model, so users only have to pay for the technology they use, the Zailab contact centre approaches customer support from a whole new level. This cloud-based offering uses artificial intelligence to automatically assess and route conversations from any channel to the right agent. In other words, whether you’re connecting with customers over phone, social media, or instant messaging, you’ll always be giving them the quickest path to resolution.

As the VP of Marketing for ZaiLab, Marya Dzmitruk, explained at the Channel Connect session, AI has become an empowering force for customer-facing teams, making it easier for businesses to automate processes, make the most of their communication data, and transform critical business functions for better, business-wise CX.

A Differentiation Opportunity for Intelisys Resellers

The Zailab contact centre is specifically designed for companies that want to discover the real power of customer experience as a differentiator. According to Cibelli, the reseller model is a natural fit for the company as they begin their launch into North America. Zailab believes that they can deliver quick access to their state-of-the-art product, by partnering with the experienced companies that already have a presence in their target market.

Relationships with the channel are likely to be a crucial part of Zailab’s go-to-market strategy as they introduce more locations around the world to their innovative system. Michael believes that the relationship Zailab is currently building with Intelisys will help the company to deliver differentiated offerings that are scalable, flexible, and secure for both customers and partners alike.

Channel Connect, and the memorable appearance that Zailab made at the event, also gave the company another way to stand out among their new network of potential partners and resellers. The Channel Connect Conference typically draws hundreds of channel partners and suppliers from around the world, making it an enriching event for attendees.

Zailab will continue to attend the Intelisys events scheduled for the coming months. It remains to be seen how dramatic the company’s entrances will be for each conference.



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