Could the Contact Centre Analytics Sector Be Worth $1,483.5 Million by 2022?

Surveys suggest a huge upward trend for contact centre analytics

Could the Contact Centre Analytics Sector Be Worth $1,483.5 Million by 2022?

If you thought that contact centre analytics were valuable already, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. According to the latest professional surveys into the growth of global contact centre analytical solutions, the sector is set to grow more than ever over the next five years, with an uptick in new technologies, trends, and deployment models to look forward to.

The latest study examined every aspect of the contact centre analytics market, from the regulatory landscape to the opportunities and challenges it might face, thanks to information from company profiles, and suggested that the market will grow from $708.9 million this year, to $1,483.5 million by 2022. That’s a compound growth rate per year of 15.8%.

A Quick Overview of the Study

The full market report, which you can find here, is fifteen pages worth of in-depth industry analysis, showing the details of the contact centre analytics industry, with key numbers for growth in the coming years. Not only does the report provide an insight into the structure of contact centre analytics, but it also outlines some of the key information that you might need to know about key players in the sector, such as Cisco, Mitel, and Genesys.

As you browse through the pages, you’ll find insights into trends that have developed in the industry, as well as which marketing channels are currently the most effective. To help inform the report, the researchers looked into data from between 2012 and 2016, to come up with forecasts that should outline the growth of the contact centre analytics industry for the next five years.

Most experts suggest that this report could be a valuable resource for any product managers, analysts, or industry executives out there that need to answer important growth questions about the contact centre analysis environment, and what’s coming next in the future of the industry after 2017.

Considering the Contact Centre Analytics Market

For stakeholders in the contact centre analytics market, the report answers a number of important questions about where you might want to be focusing your attention during the coming years. For instance, you can find out which factors are driving the global contact centre market, and what challenges could confront you as we move forward towards 2022.

For instance, the main driving factor for the market remains to be a greater demand for improved customer experience, and management solutions that offer a more comprehensive view into analytical data. Additionally, the growth of cloud-computing and a higher need for speech and text solutions is fuelling innovation in the space.

Some of the key contact centre analytics manufacturers in the industry right now include Five9, Enghouse Interactive, Cisco Systems, 8×8 Inc, Genesys, Call Miner, Oracle, Mitel Networks, and more.

The Demand for Better Experience

The report reveals that the “on-demand” method of deployment will be the most popular up to 2022, as it offers greater benefits to contact centre analytics companies, such as reduced implementation time and cost control. At the same time, North America is expected to be the key market that dominates the contact centre analytics space, with many vendors showing up in the space and delivering new innovations in cloud-based and on-premises solutions.

Overall, the contact centre analytics industry is looking for a better way to manage customer experience, with stronger interactions, feedback, and transactions that highlight a unique picture of each customer journey. As contact centres struggle to learn more about their target audience, analytics, and predictive analytics will allow contact centres to improve customer service, analyse behavioral patterns, and reduce consumer discomfort.


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