Essential Contact Centre Statistics for CX Fans

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Essential Contact Centre Statistics for CX Fans

The total global user base of contact centre agent positions has remained relatively flat in recent years, declining by 1% in 2017. The weekly active free user base also exhibited strong growth through 2017, with 105 million users active.

Source: MZA Consultants

52% increase in contact center interaction complexity in next 2 years.

Source: Deloitte Global Contact Center Survey

By the end of 2019, 50% of all companies will have redirected investments into customer experience.

Source: Gartner

By 2022, profitability will replace customer experience as the CMO’s No. 1 strategic priority, reducing investment in marketing-funded CX programs by at least 25%

Source: Gartner

Findings from Aberdeen’s CX study reveal that 87% of firms struggle with managing customer conversations in a truly data-driven fashion.

Source: Aberdeen

31% of contact centres use employees based outside the physical contact centre to take calls.

Source: The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2017-18

88% of organisations expecting digital customer interactions to overtake voice by 2020.

Source: West

55% of companies use at least ten channels to interact with customers.

Source: CEM Executive’s Agenda 2017

UK contact centre industry is expected to shed over 32,000 jobs and see 300 contact centres close over the next 4 years, as a result of automated digital channel

Source: Contact Babel

Outbound calling activity has declined considerably to 21.4%, from 33.7% in 2004

Source: Contact Babel

Mobile customer service app penetration will grow to 62% by 2021

Source: Contact Babel



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