Crank Up Contact Centre Performance with Serenova

Serenova Performance Management offers integrated performance management to contact centres

Crank Up Contact Centre Performance with Serenova

Leading Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) provider and workforce optimisation brand, Serenova, recently announced the launch of their innovative performance management solution, complete with agent engagement, gamification, and more. The CxEngage Scoreboard service is powered by Clearview and designed to support contact centre performance management by aggregating agent data from systems across the enterprise. By placing useful insights in one place, Serenova hopes to give supervisors the overview of contact centre operations they need to thrive while empowering agents with tools for constant self-improvement.

Serenova’s CxEngage Scoreboard is intended to create a culture of constant improvement – ideal for driving success in the modern marketplace. According to Serenova, the CxEngage Scoreboard offers real-time visibility from the executive level, all the way down to the individual agent, providing the data required to increase attrition rates, improve performance, and influence ROI. Ultimately, Serenova customers should have the opportunity to better understand the elements driving them towards success in their chosen industry.

Making the Most of the Contact Centre

The contact centre is a phenomenal source of useful customer data. After all, agents are constantly collecting huge amounts of information from every interaction. The problem is that they struggle to interact with this data in a meaningful and actionable way. When contact centres leverage the data available to them, they can start to develop stronger experiences for agents and customers alike.

According to the Chief Product Officer for Serenova, Matt Despain, the desire to combine agent engagement and productivity to support business outcomes considers growing for contact centres around the world. By partnering with Clearview on their new performance management solution, Serenova believes that they’ve developed a way for customers to analyse their data in real-time, in a truly actionable way.

The Serenova CxEngage Scoreboard

The Serenova CxEngage Scoreboard delivers a contact centre performance management service that supports a thriving culture across the contact centre space, creating fantastic transparency to align with the organisation’s business objectives. With CxEngage, contact centres will be able to aggregate their KPIs into a customised and integrated dashboard, which they can monitor for signs of performance dips and changes. They can also identify any actions that might be needed to improve agent performance.

The CxEngage Scoreboard also:

  • Automatically generates coaching sessions for agents in need of additional help
  • Creates commissions, rewards, and incentives for agents who support business KPIs
  • Helps supervisors to determine which factors motivate their agents by comparing KPI performance to other crucial factors
  • Provides agents and supervisors with real-time communication to ensure support is leveraged faster
  • Gives supervisors an overview of job satisfaction and agent competency to keep the workforce moving at an effective pace


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