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Elevating the Customer Experience with AI

Introducing IBM Voice Agent with Watson

Elevating the Customer Experience with AI

The popularity of AI is growing throughout almost all areas of communication and technology. As customer experience continues to lead the way as the critical differentiator for brands, artificial intelligence could even be the secret to delighting your customers.

According to Vonage, access to contextual information about your customers is crucial in 2019. The more you know about the buyer journey, the easier it is to deliver a personalised end-to-end experience. Thanks to Vonage’s industry-leading API platform, Nexmo, companies can now unlock a new level of AI assistance through their very own IBM assistant.

The IBM Voice Agent Delivered through Nexmo

The IBM Voice Agent with Watson delivers next-level customer experience. Using the Nexmo API platform, it can enable voice interactions between customers and an intelligent bot. Unlike anything else on the market, the IBM agent is a world removed from traditional IVR experiences. Because it includes Watson artificial intelligence, it knows how to speak in a conversational tone, and handle complicated discussions.

If the new Watson-powered AI agent is a success, it could mean the end of confusing and frustrating IVRs for good. In the past, countless customers have suffered with one-way robots that were unable to listen to their needs or feedback. However, Watson and the IBM Voice Agent could change all this. With the IBM Voice agent, you could even improve your customer’s experience, by making it easier for them to get the responses they need as quickly as possible.

What Can the IBM Voice Agent Do?

With support from the Nexmo Voice API, Watson can join voice calls and carry out tasks on behalf of your employees. This way, you can replace or automate old IVR systems, and deliver higher-level customer support. Additionally, the Nexmo Voice API means that any business can access AI-infused teams, thanks to per-second billing and Nexmo’s global connectivity support.

The potential to add AI into your customer experiences isn’t limited to just voice either. Nexmo will also support omnichannel communications too. You can enhance your workforce, and make sure that you’re always addressing customer concerns in real-time through any channel. Nexmo extends across MMS, SMS, and even OTT chat apps.

Now that 62% of customers say that they’d move to a competitor after just one bad interaction with a brand, companies can’t afford to take chances with their customer experience. Nexmo and the IBM Voice Agent aim to eliminate service problems through quicker AI-supported responses and contextual experiences.

According to Nexmo, the AI support won’t “replace” the standard service employee either. Instead, they’ll be left to do more satisfying work, while robots handle the more menial tasks.


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