Enghouse Interactive Delivers Contact Centre to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 users can now access contact centre functionality

Enghouse Interactive Delivers Contact Centre to Microsoft Office 365

Want to add call centre functionality into your Microsoft Office 365 strategy? Enghouse Interactive could have you covered. The leading contact centre company has recently announced the development of their new “Touchpoint Agent” system – a contact centre solution intended to work alongside Skype for Business Online, and Office 365.

The TouchPoint Agent strategy is a server-less, lightweight application intended to give contact centre agents everything they need to serve today’s customers, including call record, CRM screen pop, skills-based routing, and graphical reporting. There are even real-time dashboards available in this Office 365 integration, which connects with your network straight from the desktop.

Responding to Customer Concerns

According to Enghouse Interactive, not only is “Touchpoint Agent” innovative, but it’s cost-effective too, offering a complete solution for a price-point much lower than standard offerings. The company noted that the solution was built as a solution for partners and customers who wanted simple and effective contact centre functionality that linked naturally with Office 365.

All you need to do to get started with the Touchpoint Agent is download the application directly from the Enghouse Interactive website. The system will install in a matter of minutes, and there’s no need for training or additional services. It’s a completely server-less application that takes your interaction opportunities to the next level.

The solution includes the “Touchpoint” graphical interface from Enghouse Interactive, the award-winning system that provides interaction management, and context-sensitive control to make it easier for customers to enjoy higher functionality levels without a need for re-training.

A Contact Centre in Office 365

The solutions from Enghouse Interactive make the most of native integration with Skype for Business and Office 365 by tapping into Microsoft APIs. This means that end-users can make the most of Enghouse Interactive strategies that work with their choice of deployment and configuration options.

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, Enghouse received its “Gold” standard from the company in 2015, which set it apart as one of the top 1% in Microsoft’s ecosystem. According to the Senior Product Manager for Skype for Business, James Skay, Touchpoint Agent could be the ideal solutions for organisations who want to improve their customer service in a scalable, and simple format.

Want to give the system a try? Enghouse is currently offering a limited 30-day free trial to their customers, so you can test out the solutions before you invest.

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