Enghouse Interactive Expands Global Footprint

Enghouse acquisition expands French presence

Enghouse Interactive Expands Global Footprint

Companies all across the communication industry today are using strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and other intelligent strategies to expand at an incredible rate. That is certainly the case for Enghouse Interactive, one of the market leaders in communication solutions today. Enghouse Systems Limited recently announced that it had acquired a company named Eptica SA in France to help take its expansion strategy to the next level.

Based in the Boulogne-Billancourt region of Paris, Eptica has an impressive trailing annual revenue of around $14 million. The company acts as a leading provider of software for customer engagement solutions today, often powered by artificial intelligence. Eptica helps companies to make the customer experience a crucial link in their value chain. The multi-lingual and omni-channel platform covers social media, email, web, agent channels, and webchat. What’s more, it ensures that organisations have what they need to improve engagement and boost efficiency in distributed organisations.

A New Entry Point in the French Market

The Eptica platform supports sales by delivering more personalised and immersive responses to customer queries through a client’s channel of choice. The aim of the platform is to provide enhanced customer service, with a design that’s based on automatic natural language processing, AI, text analytics, and machine learning. What’s more, the Eptica platform also incorporates a centralised knowledge base to ensure meaningful, multi-channel conversations.

Eptica services more than 200 customers, including leading brands in sectors like insurance, banking, tourism, government, and retail. Additionally, Eptica provides a valuable entry point for the French market for acquisitive and organic expansion, according to the CEO and Chairman of Enghouse, Stephen Sadler. The company is thrilled to be welcoming Eptica’s employees and customers into the Enghouse Interactive community.

The CEO of Eptica, Olivier Njamfa, said that the company is delighted to be joining Enghouse in its new journey and that they look forward to growing with the brand. The Eptica product suite combines wonderfully with the complementary contact centre solutions from Enghouse, for an effective market solution.


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