Amazon Chime will Move to Usage-Based Pricing

Amazon Chime will change its pricing method

Amazon Chime will Move to Usage-Based Pricing

On day 2 of Enterprise Connect 2018 Amazon broke the news that their managed Unified Communications service, Amazon Chime will move to a usage-based pricing model. Coming into effect on the 1st of April 2018 the new pricing structure will make Amazon Chime even more cost effective for users. Already offering a fully featured 30-day trial the introduction of the usage-based model signals an even more aggressive targeting of the collaboration market.

Carlin Weigner, General Manager at Amazon Chime was on hand at EC 2018 to speak to us and tell us why they are trying to be as disruptive as possible within the collaboration industry.

“We really think of this concept of effortless cost saving as being a big deal. If you’re not spending money on stuff you don’t need, it allows you to tackle a whole new selection of projects, pricing is fundamental”

Amazon Chime GM

Carlin Weigner, GM at Amazon Chime

The Amazon Chime Basic plan currently used is already free, with a limited feature set, enabling users to chat and attend meetings. However hosting meetings requires users to change plans. With the new model hosting meetings will be charged at $3 per day up to a maximum total of $15 per month.

According to Amazon‘s historical data analysis the new pricing will result in a cost saving for nearly all existing Amazon Chime customers.

Carlin also explained some of the drivers behind the pricing change.

“So the history of pricing within the Unified Communication space is, typically, you would have to figure out how many users you are going to have two or three years ahead of time, it’s really hard for customers to have to do. The big thrust of Amazon Chime is delivering a product in this category where you don’t have to predict or buy something in advance of using it, you just use it as you would and we bill you as you use it”

For Amazon Chime users to utilise the scheduling and hosting functions administrators will now be able, with the usage-based pricing, to use Active Directory settings and policies to delegate permissions as required.

The new model will also remove the Plus plan as the existing additional functions such as screen sharing and corporate directory features will be included as standard in the Basic plan.

“It (usage-based pricing) really changes the granular nature and how people think about it – not having to worry about under buying or any of the traditional problems they have had”

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