In Focus: Why Innovation is Par for the Course for Cloud Analytics Boss

Bart Delgado is managing director of Akixi, the award-winning hosted call reporting and management provider

In Focus: Why Innovation is Par for the Course for Cloud Analytics Boss

Bart Delgado wishes he had taken up golf earlier in life. If he had done, you wonder what he might have achieved. This is a man, after all, who is the proud owner of a hole-in-one certificate from the Brabazon course at The Belfry, the stage for the Ryder Cup on four occasions since 1985.

Golfing what-might-have-beens aside, Delgado has applied his time and energy to achieving plenty in his life, forging a very successful career in telecommunications for a start. Having started out as an apprentice at BT, he has gone on to lead the emergence of Akixi as a pioneering player in hosted call analytics and management.

Asked to describe Akixi in one sentence, Delgado responds:

“Innovative, passionate, results-oriented and a great place to learn and grow in an open environment.”

The Cloud’s Silver Lining

Innovation and an openness to explore new avenues for growth have been central to the Akixi story. Founded in 2008, Delgado knew from the start that providing reporting and analytics via the Cloud was the way forward – deploying a Software as a Service (SaaS) model so that customers only need a pay-as-you-go subscription, rather than install software onsite.

In doing so, it became the first company in the UK to offer cloud reporting and analytics for both VoIP and PBX systems.

The company now provides services to companies in Europe, USA, South Africa and Mexico, and has been recognised with industry awards for its three hosted subscription services and cloud-based desktop wallboards. For Delgado, reaching 2,000 clients globally last year was the proudest moment of his career.

Delgado believes people come first in business.

“Our customers are vital and our staff are key to the growth of the business,” he said. “I still believe at the end of the day people buy people first.”

“[We look for] capability, that they are compatible with the culture of the business and that they will add to the improvement of the dynamics of our team. We reward hard work and create a fun environment.”

Discussing the partnerships Akixi has formed, Delgado recognises that the channel has been vital to the way the company has grown. “It is fundamental,” he said. “We receive positive feedback regarding the support we provide so we must be doing something right.”

Delgado also explains how channel partners have helped drive a key change in the way Akixi delivers its services. He says they have been able to help customers become more “self sufficient”, and less direct reliance on Akixi has freed it up to focus on improving service and value.

Changing Times

Looking to the future of call reporting, Delgado firmly believes that the decision Akixi made to focus on hosted services was the right one. “Cloud services will become even more popular, the need for subscription based services will inevitably dominate the marketplace,” he said.

But he also anticipates the market being shaken up by some important disruptive changes. “Applications will be created on a ‘mobile first’ basis,” he said, referring to how call reporting and management will both increasingly focus on analysing communications on mobile, and make the platforms more accessible on mobile devices.

He also believes the convergence of multichannel communications will place huge new demands on the sophistication of the analytics platforms:

“From my perspective, all forms of contact will be scrutinised, measured, sliced and diced in the way we have been accustomed to. This will lead to Big Data – watch out for Akixi taking its place in this field!”

Amongst all of this change and increasing sophistication, Delgado believes the human element will become more and more important, and service through the channel will more than ever be the main differentiating factor between businesses.

“Resellers will always be the end-user’s ‘go to expert’, especially in these changing times,” he said. “Those that are able to provide the customer with sound propositions and advice will thrive. The guy that wants to carry on shipping boxes out the door will be shipping boxes no more!”

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