Freespee Introduces First Data-Powered CC App

Introducing Freespee Talk for enhanced customer contact

Freespee Introduces First Data-Powered CC App

Freespee, a cloud communications platform provider designed to make service, sales and marketing teams more efficient, recently announced the next generation of contact centre solutions. Freespee Talk, an application intended to help companies better convert and engage their customers online, will provide businesses with a contact centre app powered completely by data.

The Freespee Talk application gathers information about customer online activity to support businesses in offering personalised consumer experiences in a more cost-effective way. According to Freespee, the new app will transform contact centres into environments entirely fuelled by real-time data, with call-tracking, predictive call routing, and granular data collection.

Introducing Freespee Talk

The average contact centre relies on basic information to help drive engagement. For instance, an IVR might ask a customer to choose a number on a keypad to help direct them to the right agent. However, with Freespee Talk, data-enhanced interactions can go to the next level. Agents get enhanced customer insights including:

  • The kind of device a customer is calling from
  • Where the customer is calling from
  • The previous internet browsing history and calling history of the customer
  • The page that the customer has been calling from (product or complaint page)

The Freespee Talk app collects all the crucial elements of a customers’ browsing experience and displays this crucial information in a simple and enhanced interface. There’s even the option to assign dynamic phone numbers to specific campaigns and product pages to help businesses send the right calls to the right agents.

Upgrading the Contact Centre

In a data-driven contact centre, call handlers can be trained to support customers in a more personalised way, particularly when they know where each call is coming from. Call centre managers will also be able to scale their inbound team up or down according to caller needs, making sure that resources are used correctly. Talk is a completely cloud-based service that can be altered with very little additional cost, and no infrastructure changes.

Leading vehicle glass replacement and repair group Belron is an early adopter of Freespee Talk, and they believe that the new technology has helped them to streamline day-to-day activities significantly. According to the CRM Digital Solutions Manger at Belron, Sean McMahon, Freespee Talk allows the company to tap into useful contextual information when managing interactions with their customers. Additionally, the tool means that they can access AI and machine learning to empower their agents and manage the entire customer conversation more seamlessly.

Freespee is introducing it’s new data-powered app to all customers to help them identify everything from customer intent to potential hurdles in the path to conversion.

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