Fuze CC, Skill-Based Routing & Workforce Management Guide

Your guide to the Fuze contact centre offering

Fuze CC, Skill-Based Routing & Workforce Management Guide

Part of our Ultimate Fuze Buyer’s Guide

The contact centre is changing.

In the past, if a customer wanted to connect with a brand or vendor, the only option they had was to call a number and wait until an agent was available to speak to them. Today, consumers are demanding more from their customer service experiences. That means that contact centres need to be ready to respond with streamlined, omnichannel experiences.

Fuze, one of the market leaders in UCaaS and customer contact solutions, deliver a range of cloud contact centre services designed to support a variety of needs. Whether you’re just looking for a simple way to maintain the connections you have with your target audience, or you need a complex multi-region contact centre that spans across the globe, Fuze can help.

Today, we’re going to explore everything the Fuze contact centre portfolio has to offer, including their workforce management and skills-based routing solutions.

Features & Benefits

Though Fuze primarily serves the mid-market to large enterprise company, the cloud-based contact centres they offer are designed to suit almost any business. Fuze contact centres can be simple enough to support businesses with just one or two office locations, or complex enough to empower global enterprises with thousands of agents spread around the world. No matter what your contact centre demands might be, Fuze has the offering for you. Features include:

  • Partnerships with high-end global retailers
  • Support for multi-modal communications (SMS, voice, video conferencing)
  • Remote working support (agents can work just as effectively at home as they would in the office).
  • Auto attendant features
  • Unlimited queue capacity
  • Insights into caller ID, idle time, talk time, abandoned calls, and other vital metrics
  • Custom wall-board for up-to-date real-time statistics in any call centre location
  • Do not disturb, elapsed call time, incoming call display, hold, redial, message indicator, hands-free answer, speed dial, and speakerphone

Additional benefits of the cloud-based contact centre from Fuze include:

  • Whisper features: Supervisors can provide real-time support to agents in training with the subtle “whisper” function. With Fuze, contact centres can provide their agents with all the help they need. Whether it’s assisting a trainee as they get used to communicating with customers or providing guidance through a complicated conversation, the Fuze Contact Centre ensures that your team always has the right support
  • Omni-channel contact centre support: Not only can Fuze users connect with their customers through their media of choice (SMS, instant message, voice, or video), but thanks to Fuze’s unified platform, every conversation is connected on the same easy-to-use interface
  • Performance tracking: Supervisors can access a complete overview of everything from abandoned calls to the number of calls each agent takes, the number of calls in a queue, and more. This not only helps with managing productivity, but it can also be great for launching gamification strategies in the contact centre.
  • Predictive Dialler: Improve productivity among your contact centre agents with the option to place multiple calls per agents. The Fuze contact centre comes with a predictive dialler feature that’s both regulatory compliant, and ready to support the most advanced calling campaigns

Fuze Contact Centre Skill-Based Routing and WFM

Part of what makes the Fuze Contact Centre solution so compelling is the fact that it’s delivered on a highly scalable and flexible cloud architecture. Because your contact centre solutions are available in the cloud, you can decide exactly which features you need, and how many licenses are necessary to help you get the most out of your business. The Fuze cloud-based Contact Centre also provides access to advanced features like:

Fuze Skills-Based Call Routing

Skill-based call routing from Fuze means that you can reduce your cost-per-hire significantly by routing calls based on employee expertise. In other words, you make sure that your customers get served by the agent with the right knowledge for their needs, using disruptive technology like text-to-speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Callers can direct their own calls to the right location without using an operator, based on intuitive questions chosen by your organisation.

Fuze skills-based call routing improves customer experience by making sure that your customers get the first-time resolution they crave. It also means that you can cut down on call times and make your centre more efficient too!

Fuze Workforce Management

Part of running an effective contact centre is making sure that you have the right number of agents ready to take calls at any time. In the past, companies simply had to guess at the number of agents they would need based on what they knew about seasonal trends and changes in demand. Today, Fuze’s Contact Centre allows you to make more informed decisions with an analytics-based agent scheduler.

The Fuze Workforce Management system takes the guesswork out of your scheduling strategies by ensuring that you always have the perfect number of employees on-hand, without over-spending on labour.

Fuze Management Visibility

Get a complete overview of your contact centre environment, along with all the insights you need to make positive changes to your customer lifecycle. The Fuze Management Visibility feature ensures that you can access state-of-the-art real-time analytics about your contact centre employees, and the customers that they serve.

The automated analytics engine from Fuze integrates all the data you collect in your contact centre with the information gathered in your other Fuze products so that you can have a complete picture of your buyer journey. Paired with the Fuze analytics platform, you can even create ad-hoc reports for business leaders.

Fuze and InContact Contact Centre Solutions

Fuze is dedicated to giving their customers the best possible solutions for UC and contact centre services. That even means partnering up with other organisations, like InContact, to deliver a more versatile customer communication environment.

Alongside the Fuze cloud Contact Centre, Fuze also offers best-in-breed solutions from inContact, which come pre-built with a selection of unique integrations with the Fuze UCaaS portfolio. Together, inContact and Fuze deliver:

  • Data centre connectivity: Fuze integrates the inContact Contact Centre at the heart of their offering, with private connections between inContact and Fuze data centres throughout APAC, EMEA, and North America. Communication between these two networks provide high-level security for organisations that can’t afford to compromise on safety. That’s to Fuze’s global infrastructure; you can expect your calls to be delivered and served from the nearest geographical data centre to your customers
  • Virtual Prefix Routing (VPR): With VPR, regardless of where your contact centre agent might be located, Fuze can make sure that you’re always routed to the closed data centre, decreasing call latency and improving audio quality. Fuze customers will also be able to log into their accounts using Station IDs which automatically use VPR if it’s pre-configured for users
  • Presence Adapters: The InContact/Fuze Presence Adapter offering makes sure that crucial contact centre calls don’t get routed to agents who can’t answer the phone. With Presence Adapter, the inContact MAX agent availability system is instantly updated to reflect that an agent is in a Fuze call
  • Dynamic Directory Syncing: When an agent in a Fuze or inContact Contact Centre receives a call from a customer that’s outside of their skillset, the agent can use the Dynamic Directory Sync feature to search through all the available users in the Max client, and quickly transfer calls to the right subject matter expert

Target Market & Regional Availability

Thanks to connections with inContact and a commitment to one of the most flexible contact centre environments available on the market, Fuze can offer a highly flexible solution for customers in the mid-sized and large enterprise environments. The Contact Centre experts available at Fuze are available to design a service that meets your bespoke needs.

Fuze contact centres are available across the globe. Because Fuze has data centres distributed worldwide, they can ensure that you always get the best call quality by routing calls to the closest possible data centre for your agent and customer.

How to Buy & Pricing

Fuze Contact Centres are delivered on a custom-made basis through the cloud. This means that if you want to get an accurate price for your bespoke contact centre, you’ll need to contact the Fuze sales team through their website or speak to a Fuze partner. If you’re looking to build a contact centre with Fuze that’s enhanced by inContact, you can also reach out to inContact for further information about a combined offering.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

The Fuze Contact Centre is one of the most feature-rich and flexible contact centre solutions available in the market today – ideal for mid-sized to large companies who can’t afford to compromise on user experience. With the Fuze Contact Centre, you can build the perfect service experience for your business, regardless of where your agents are located, or how large and dispersed your company might be.

Q: Which enterprise solutions does Fuze integrate with?

A: Fuze offers integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Jira, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and many more. Fuze also has a strong partnership with inContact.


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