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Gamma and Cirrus Announce Cloud Contact Centre Partnership

Watch this video interview discussing the new partnership between Cirrus and Gamma to provide cloud contact centre solutions

UC Today attended Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019, one of the UK’s biggest communication and customer experience focused events, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Jason Roos, CEO of Cirrus.

Patrick asks Jason about the relationship between Cirrus and Gamma. Jason explains that during Call and Contact Centre Expo, this year, Cirrus and Gamma have launched a new partnership where Cirrus will provide cloud contact centre solutions on top of Gamma’s Horizon and Collaborate products. Jason explains that this an incredibly exciting partnership where both Gamma and Cirrus can leverage their unique areas of expertise to provide the most cutting edge solutions for customers.

Jason also tells Patrick that this a particularly interesting time in the market in general, as customer service providers are looking to transition to omnichannel provision. Along with that shift, the reliability and scalability of solutions like the new Gamma Cirrus offering will be of huge interest to the market.

Finally Jason takes Patrick through some of the most innovative features that Cirrus has been developing. Cirrus translate is a service offering real-time multilingual capabilities. Equipping a contact centre with this sort of capability reduces the requirements for contact centres to hire multilingual staff. Jason also tells Patrick about some conversational AI tools that they have been developing to try and remove some of the most mundane tasks from call centre agents.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Jason Roos from Cirrus.

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Dominic KentDominic Kent 08:39, 10 Apr 2019

Is this now Gamma’s exclusive contact centre offering? What does this mean for Akixi and the coming Horizon contact centre?

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  • AvatarPatrick Watson 12:08, 10 Apr 2019

    I think this is targeted at the Enterprise customer market.

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