Genesys Celebrates Success with Customer Experience and AI Routing

Genesys leads the way in customer experience

Genesys Celebrates Success with Customer Experience and AI Routing

Global leaders in the world of omnichannel customer experiences, Genesys recently introduced a new solution to accelerate their rather impressive lead in the CX space. The company’s new routing engine unveiled at CX18, uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to match employee capabilities to customer needs, for the perfect match with every call centre interaction.

Their predictive routing service is just one of the many reasons why Genesys are storming ahead of other companies in the customer experience industry. In fact, at the beginning of May, the company announced that their market share has continued to grow with 700 organisations moving into the Genesys Customer Experience Platform since the beginning of 2017. This means that the company currently has 65% of the most lucrative brands in the world on their roster, including companies like Westpac, Coca-Cola, Atos, and Heineken.

Bringing Predictive Routing to Customer Experience

The wave of customers embracing Genesys customer experience (CX) systems seems to be growing at a phenomenal rate – and it’s no surprise when you consider their state-of-the-art solutions. The predictive routing system, for instance, allows today’s call centres to avoid relying on static decision tree logic when it comes to serving customers. Thanks to AI and real-time data, the system automatically discovers important elements that could influence the success of any conversation between a customer and employee.

With machine learning at its core, predictive routing constructs models from customer profiles, and sends the right client to the perfect agent, to enable more lucrative interactions for the business. According to one communications and media company from Canada, Rogers Communications the system has already increased their retention numbers by almost 3%, and reduced handling time by 7%. According to the VP of Enterprise Planning for Rogers, Kevin Jolliffe, predictive routing could be the key to aligning customer intent with agent abilities.

Rogers isn’t the only company to see success either. Many other Genesys customers have been making serious progress. For instance, one mobile telecoms operator in Europe improved it’s NPS by four points, and reduced handling time by 3%.

Incredible Success for the Genesys Brand

The new predictive routing technology introduced by Genesys is just one example of how the company constantly pushes boundaries to serve their customers. Today, the brand has more than 95% customer retention, and as more organisations move to the cloud, many are embracing the value that Genesys can offer. For instance, Coca-Cola managed to reduce their contact centre expenditure by up to 50% with Genesys systems.

With predictive routing, Genesys will be able to continue serving their clients with cutting edge solutions for customer experience. According to the President of Genesys, Tom Eggemeier, the growing momentum in their customer portfolio just goes to show how confident the market is in their innovative systems and customer service.

The Availability of Genesys Predictive Routing

Predictive Routing from Genesys is now available for the PureEngage portfolio, and it works across webchat, social, voice, and text channels – ideal for the omnichannel experience. With a microservices architecture at its core, Genesys hopes to roll capability for predictive routing out to PureCloud and PureConnect by the end of this year, as part of the broader range of AI-focused innovations.

The predictive routing solution works alongside existing solutions like Genesys’ Kate – the company’s virtual assistant strategy. With so much innovation to offer, it’s easy to see why Frost & Sullivan named Genesys the 2018 contact company of the year for north American companies, and why interest in the brand continues to grow.


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