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Reimagining the Customer Journey – Why Kate Could Make a Difference

With its AI and automation focus, Genesys’ new product could actually make a difference

Reimagining the Customer Journey – Why Kate Could Make a Difference

Among other emerging tech-movements, Blended AI is positioned as a combination of machine learning with human intelligence and sensibilities, in a bid to improve the customer’s buying journey.

Kate, from Genesys, brings the power of artificial intelligence to customer experience (CX) management, by creating a synergy of adaptive learning, bots, AI, cognitive computing, and other automation technologies. As a result, users can action proactive and predictive experiences, with heightened personalisation.

“Genesys is enabling companies to bring their own bot to the CX platform and seamlessly blend the capability of Genesys’ native AI and machine learning capabilities specialising in customer experience. This means that AI like Watson and Einstein are made even smarter by leveraging the entire CX platform,” the company said.

Further, Kate uses technology to customise the customer’s journey, mapping critical behavioral trends as well as vital employer requirements. The product is meant to work in close coordination with live agents, creating a balance between automated systems and organic responses.

Here are some of its key features:

Personalised self-service

Powered by knowledge management and natural language processing, Kate uses customer data and contextual learnings to offer greater personalisation. This is billed by Genesys, as an initiative geared to foster consistency and regularity in customer experiences, across channels. The product is capable enough to decide when self-service is the best option, personalising the same for individuals, based on past data and clarity on contexts. Customers can solve their own issues, reducing timelines, and pushing efficiencies.

Connectivity between customer conversations 

With deeper conversations between voice and digital channels, and native integration with the Genesys suite, Kate is pegged to propel a transition from self-service to assisted service (whenever so needed), carrying the relevant customer’s journey.

Partnerships with employees

Often, live agents are needed for complex situations, and Kate will seamlessly pass on the customer information in complete detail, to continue the problem/challenge resolution process. The product can also help agents with possible responses, offering guidance, training, and ‘what’s next’ sessions. It helps workers expand their knowledge base, thereby helping supervisors/team-leads make smarter, strategically-rich plans.

Views, benefits, and key ideas

To begin with, Kate is designed to help companies that aren’t too heavy on AI strategies, by offering a set of clear and pragmatic benefits. For instance, the automation of minor issues or iterative tasks helps to contain costs and ensure process-efficiency.

Along with that, Genesys offers over 80+ pre-built micro-applications ready for use across channels. These include everyday tasks/scenarios such as flight status, order status, address capture, and balance inquiry.

Once, the user is accustomed to these features, one can move forward to other additional capabilities, like multiple bots, machine learning enhancements, while extrapolating the essential human element, at a critical time in the customer’s buying journey.

The product manual recommends to eventually move to open, scalable platforms enabling native or third-party platform AI spanning multiple channels.

Closing thoughts

Genesys’ Kate is billed as a facilitator for enhanced customer experiences, by using AI and automation. By offering new and improved versions of the application, over time, the product could become a mainstay in this ever-burgeoning space, delivering bespoke customer journeys and an easy, time-sensitive solution to repetitive tasks.

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