Genesys Takes New Strides in Customer Experience

Genesys continues to celebrate Customer Experience

Genesys Takes New Strides in Customer Experience

Recently, Genesys hosted its annual “Xperience” event, gathering together customers, partners, and technology from across the communication ecosystem. During this conference, the company celebrated leading companies in CX and introduced updates to its own AI solution.

Genesys is known across the globe for its commitment to supporting thousands of exceptional customer experiences each year. One of the main highlights of Xperience 19 this year was the introduction of a new range of orchestration capabilities from Genesys that will allow users to make the most of AI for CX.

The Genesys AI solution can leverage all of the relevant data gathered throughout a customer’s journey, measuring, orchestrating, and optimising processes at every touchpoint. The result is a more tailored and practical approach to personalised communication.

Introducing more Intelligent Customer Experiences

According to the Chief Product Officer of Genesys, Peter Graf, 9 out of 10 companies are now deploying AI solutions to support customer service. The Genesys AI offering is an elegant entry to the market that links underlying technologies and data into a more effective experience for both users, and end customers.

Genesys is making it easier for companies of all sizes to link and manage third-party AI innovations across both digital and voice channels. What’s more, the simplified, centralised orchestration of Genesys AI means that mapping business logic, performing back-end integrations and swapping AI providers is simple. Companies can build a solution once and deploy it across all channels, all while leveraging micro-apps to keep deployment times to a minimum. According to Genesys, the results include up to 60% faster time to value (TTV).

Cloud and on-premises customers around the world can tap into additional advantages with Genesys AI by ensuring that their systems are no longer working in silos. The system captures, processes, and optimises third-party data in the same way that it manages its own AI applications. As well as offering advanced orchestration, Genesys AI also provides real-time text and speech analytics, predictions, self-service automation, and more.

With hundreds of tech applications currently integrated with its experience platform, Genesys is now the only company on the industry that can orchestrate any AI for assisted and self-service. This includes the customer and employee virtual assistant supported by Genesys, Kate, as well as other third-party AI solutions like Nuance, IBM Watson, and Amazon Lex.

Celebrating Other Innovators in Customer Experience

As a leader in the Customer Experience landscape, Genesys also knows how to identify other pioneers in the industry. As part of the Xperience 19 event this year, the company celebrated nine companies from across the globe for their unique approach to CX solutions. Many of these companies also use state-of-the-art machine learning and AI techniques in their innovations.

The honourees included:

  • Homecare medical: CX Game changer of the year, achieving a 92% increase in annual interactions with their scalable digital telehealth support channels
  • Microsoft: CX Globetrotter of the year, creating the best global rollout experience by moving a complex on-premises environment into the cloud, for better customer experience across 60 regions
  • Swisscom: CX Innovator of the year, becoming one of the first Genesys customers to deploy the integration with Apple Business Chat and provide new messaging experiences for customers
  • 3 Denmark: CX Mover of the year, moving to a cloud-based contact centre with a 23-second decrease in queue times as a result. 3 also achieved a 10% increase in agent efficiency
  • Coca Cola Business Services: CX Mover (Large) of the year, moving more than 500 agents, Coca Cola Business Services achieved a 99.9% day one system availability, a 50% reduction in TCO, and a 75% successful first-time routing record
  • Affin Bank Berhad: CX Sales and Marketing Performer of the Year, moving from multiple systems into a single omnichannel solution from Genesys, with a 60% improvement in telesales performance, 50% increase in agent productivity, and 84% reduction in call abandonment
  • Tokio Marine Management Australasia: CX Team player of the year, improving agent schedule adherence by 30% with workforce management tools
  • Whirlpool Corporation: CX Visionary of the year, moving to Genesys from another platform, successfully migrated various on-premises contact centres into one new omni-channel platform in the cloud with Genesys. The result was an increase in average speed to answer, 50% reduction in call transfers, and better contact centre efficiency overall

The combination of the incredible award ceremony and the introduction of new AI capabilities for Genesys’ customer experience solution created a fantastic annual event for the company.


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