Giving Your Customers the Communication Solutions they Need

Guest Blog by Geoff Bateson, Managing Director, Comms Consult

Giving Your Customers the Communication Solutions they Need

It’s getting complicated for sellers and resellers of business phone systems. Customer needs have rapidly changed over the past few years and are becoming more and more challenging. People need to be able to work efficiently whilst out and about; staff aren’t chained to a desk anymore. We’re seeing this trend happen across multiple industries too. Even call centre environments.

This growing customer desire for an all-encompassing communication solution has led the telecoms industry to switch focus and sell fit-for-purpose service offerings. It isn’t enough to simply sell a number of different products to solve a customer’s pain points; the way these products join together, coupled with their ease-of-use, has become a dominant decision-making factor.

The Advance Of Unified Communications

Fortunately some of the key technology partners in the communications industry have recognised these changes in customer buying habits. The ability to seamlessly combine a hosted VoIP system with a mobile network, can provide a service-based solution to even the most complex of customer requirements.By unifying their phone systems, without compromising on features, re-sellers can enhance the service offering to their customers. All whilst simultaneously developing another line of revenue. A win/win all round.

Convenience, Practicality And Quality

Truly unified communications allow hosted VoIP systems to be connected to a mobile network without the need for an app. This turns the set-up into a one-stop shop which greatly reduces the customer’s data allowance expenditure.

Fully loaded with features including one single voicemail, a common phone number for all devices, call recording functionality and complete visibility of all calls coming in and going out of the business, further enhances the appeal of unified comms.

With increased flexibility, better potential for staff collaboration and vast improvements to customer engagement, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits that these holistic systems can offer to both internal and external communications.

What About The Future?

With increasing numbers of suppliers offering converged services, including the likes of Gamma with their new Connect system, Vodafone and EE, amongst others, we anticipate that the telecom re-sale market is going to see further growth through 2018 and beyond.

With service and price comparison sites out there, such as Quotonga, competition amongst unified communication suppliers and re-sellers will certainly come to a boil. We expect continued technological advancements as well, with ever-increasing numbers of businesses moving toward IP telephony solutions, rather than old-fashioned PBX systems.

There’s never been a better time for businesses to unify and streamline their telecommunication services and there are some incredible solutions currently available. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the different options and your experiences with the various systems.

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Guest Blog by Geoff Bateson, Managing Director, Comms Consult
Comms Consult are an “Award Winning” Manchester based communications consultancy who design, supply and install a wide range of communication products & services for businesses of any size, throughout the UK.

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Avatar7 ways a cloud-based telephone system will improve an estate agency 02:10, 30 Oct 2018

[…] a cloud based unified comms systems, such as Gamma Connect, keeps everyone connected in the business which will enhance the ability for diaries to be aligned […]

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AvatarHenry 02:06, 14 Jun 2018

Bang on the money Geoff.

With more and more companies turning to remote workers and off-site teams, having an easy way to talk, message and share information – from a single unified platform – makes absolute sense. Not to mention the cost-saving advantages of IP telephony.

And, as you so rightly say, it comes fully loaded with features that complement business communications… That’s only going to grow in the next few years…

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