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How to Jump-Start Your Omni-Digital Strategy

Watch a brand new Webinar examining digital media strategy with RingCentral

UC Today are revolutionising the webinar. Gone are the days of boring slide decks and bland presentations as we bring you interactive video conversations augmented with stunning visuals.

In the episode, we look at the importance of omni-digital communication methods within customer experience environments. The way consumers want to interact with brands is changing and now embracing digital communication methods appears to be vitally important for any business.

If you want to ensure that your customer service provision is as effective as possible then this webinar is a must-see. Utilising omni-digital communication forms part of the future of customer to business communication and understanding how to do that is vital for any modern business.

Watch at your desk or from your mobile phone and get all the latest information on emerging areas of technology and thought leadership topics. UC Today are changing the traditional webinar to inform and educate in the most interesting way possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why digital communication is so important for customer experience
  • Examine the difference between ‘omni-digital’ and ‘omni-channel’
  • Understand where to begin when looking to leverage omni-digital communication

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Julien Rio from RingCentral.

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