Improve Your Customer Service Provision with Data Analysis

Quantifying end user productivity has always been difficult for businesses, Scott Walker CEO of ethosIQ explains how this can change

Improve Your Customer Service Provision with Data Analysis

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson is joined by Scott Walker, CEO of ethosIQ.

“Expect an 18% decrease in outbound calls – but an increase in agent count”

First we examine the difficulties for organisations when it comes to analysing data from different sources and why critical factors like ease of use appear to have been much more difficult to achieve within business, as opposed to the consumer world.

Out Loud Scott Walker

Scott Walker, CEO Ethos IQ

We then explore some of the tools that ethosIQ utilise to aide their enterprise customers in managing and maximising their data analysis across those platforms. One of Scott’s main focuses is measuring the customer effort required to ensure that CX provided can be as effective as possible.

Scott then considers the changes that will affect the role of CC in the future such as the potential for decreased voice activity with the rise and improvement in omni-channel communication. We also look at the changes different verticals will have to make as their requirements to provide CX vary.

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