Inference Solutions Named 2020 Hot Vendor

Aragon Research names its Hot Vendor in Conversational AI

Inference Solutions Named 2020 Hot Vendor

Intelligent virtual agent solution provider, Inference Solutions, recently achieved a new accolade. Aragon Research named the company its Hot Vendor for Conversational AI in 2020. The Aragon Research brand is an independent advisory and research firm that supports companies from all industries in making better decisions about technology investments.

The third annual Hot Vendors in Conversational AI awards report offers lots of insights into the adoption and innovation of conversational AI in the market. According to CEO and lead analyst from Aragon Research, Jim Lundy, what makes Inference Solutions so exciting is its streamlined interface. The UI makes it easy to create intuitive virtual agents

Winning the Hot Vendor Award

As a global intelligent virtual agent platform, Inference Solutions has a strong presence in the digital market. The company helps organisations to leverage the latest in conversational AI technology, with incredible flexibility and choice. Over 550 organisations worldwide use the code-free platform to design and deploy self-service solutions through messaging, chat, and voice.

Aragon Research’s Hot Vendor report highlights the vendors with the most cutting-edge and interesting products, and it’s a fantastic new achievement for Inference Solutions. According to the report, Aragon believes that the demand for conversational AI is going to increase even more as the pandemic helps workforces worldwide to evolve. The current situation will drive a new demand for enterprise solutions that can support a digital business.

According to CEO of Inference Solutions, Callan Schebella, the company was thrilled to be included in Aragon’s report on conversational AI. The technology is leading to a significant shift in the way that companies support and serve their customers. Inference Solution believes that use of its IVAs will increase as more service partners and providers use the system to package new solutions.

Driving Exciting New Experiences

Callan Schebella

Callan Schebella

Inference Studio allows more than 40 resellers to bring various IVA solutions to market at unique price points. Partners will also be able to build unique bundled solutions with their offerings, as part of an OEM agreement. Inference Solutions has also recognised the rapid adoption of voice assistants and smart speakers, which allows both end-customers and partners to leverage a range of AI engines like Amazon Lex, and Dialogflow.

A reprint from the Hot Vendors in Conversational AI for 2020 report is available on the Inference Solutions website. You can find the full report on the Aragon Research site.


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