Introducing Contact Centre: Enterprise 9.1 by Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive delivers new features to the contact centre

Introducing Contact Centre: Enterprise 9.1 by Enghouse Interactive

Leaders in the interactive technology space, Enghouse Interactive deliver a range of powerful communication and productivity solutions for the contact centre, call recording, and attendant console spaces (among others). Recently, the brand announced the arrival of their new Contact Centre: Enterprise 9.1 solution – the newest adaptation of their omni-channel, modular, and highly-scalable CCE product.

Perhaps the most exciting element to come with CCE 9.1 is “TouchPoint” the Enghouse Interactive contextual and visual interface designed for contact centre agents. First delivered in 2013, TouchPoint now provides unified user experiences across various flagship products in the Enghouse Interactive portfolio, including Communications Centre, and the Quality Management Suite.

The Benefits of TouchPoint

TouchPoint is a context-sensitive client for collaboration and analytics, and it’s available in more than 9 languages for absolute accessibility. The solution was designed through years of careful insight into agent and supervisor workflow, with input from the customer end-user side too. The aim is that TouchPoint will allow agents to create a more customer-focused experience in the contact centre, without compromising on productivity or efficiency.

By integrating the TouchPoint interface with CCE 9.1, Enghouse Interactive are giving their partners and customers more scalability, and reliability, along with the opportunity to deliver best-in-class user experiences for agents and end-users alike. TouchPoint is also available in multiple Enghouse platforms, which ensures that customers can migrate seamlessly through products without the need to retrain their agents.

The simple, yet effective decision to take a modular approach to contact centre environments has given Enghouse the unique opportunity to build a more flexible application for their end user. Companies can simply add or subtract the functionality solutions they need without excessive cost or risk. What’s more, TouchPoint is incredibly easy to use, allowing data, graphics, functions, and more to be integrated in moments.

An Accessible CX-Focused Contact Centre

The CCE 9.1 model is available for a lower price point than most competitors in the marketplace, but it comes with plenty of features that may make it more desirable, including flexible options for deployment in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid workplace. With the PBX agnostic architecture of CCE 9.1, Enghouse can deploy it’s contact centre solution on leading systems like Skype for Business, as well as offerings from Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel.

The CCE 9.1 update also integrates with QMS 7.1 to provide administrators with updated features like analysis and text recording, enhanced recording for Skype for Business, and advanced options for Cisco platforms too. What’s more, the Enghouse Communications Portal 10.2 is a key component in the update, and it integrates self-service solutions into a more connected, more appealing omni-channel customer journey feature.

Enghouse Interactive’s system for unified frameworks ensure that organisations can provide higher-value interactions to customers through proactive customer service and notifications for SMS, Email, and voice interactions. For Enghouse, the future of business success is all about finding ways to boost customer loyalty and engagement. The CCE 9.1 rollout is yet another milestone achievement in Enghouse Interactive’s mission to improve customer interactions, and optimise agent productivity.


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