Introducing “NEVA” by NICE – First Robotic Virtual Attendant for Employees

NEVA offers real-time support for enterprise employees

Introducing “NEVA” by NICE – First Robotic Virtual Attendant for Employees

One of the leading providers of on-premises and cloud-based enterprise software, NICE recently introduced their latest innovation for the productivity market. NEVA or the “NICE employee Virtual Assistant” is the very-first virtual attendant to hit the industry that was designed specifically for employee empowerment. The system is powered by NICE’s desktop automation technology and offers real-time process guidance for staff members.

With NEVA, NICE hopes that employees will have the support they need to execute complex request efficiently, upsell products, and even cross-sell to customers at the most lucrative times in a conversation. The result? Better employee engagement, greater confidence, and even stronger regulatory compliance.

The Latest Solution in Robotic Process Automation

NICE’s new delivery in RPA and virtual attendant technology supports the belief that robotic entities and human agents can work more efficiently together. NEVA’s intuitive interface gives employees the opportunity to request assistance when they need it, or even access contextual guidance during a sales conversation. What’s more, the intelligent decisioning engine translates employee requests into structured workflow actions automatically on the behalf of each employee – interacting with advanced desktop systems.

By pulling together scripts and extracting hidden data from back-end systems, NEVA helps to connect various loops in the transaction process, helping employees to achieve stronger results. What’s more, with NEVA, it will be much easier for business leaders to provide new hires with on-the-job training and guidance through their initial calls – reducing the need for cumbersome classroom settings. Thanks to automatic reminders, NEVA can even help to boost compliance.

Leading Technology for the Modern Workforce

According to the President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, Miki Migdal, the NEVA release is a huge step forward for the company, helping them to bring new innovation to the customer service domain, and the global business landscape. NICE hopes that NEVA will help them make their mark on the changing workforce, by support leaders and employees alike.

NEVA is based on the NICE RPA platform, which earned the title of “Leader” in the Everest Group RPA product Peak Matrix. According to the Practice Director of the Everest Group, Amardeep Modi, the NICE RPA system achieved exceptional scores on Market Impact, and Vision & Capability, making it a Star performer for the PEAK matrix. The scope of the RPA product from NICE is sure to support NEVA in serving employees throughout the enterprise.

NEVA can even help out with implementing repetitive and routine tasks for the modern team, making customer service faster and more efficient, as well as more capable of adhering to company policies. The result will be higher productivity, improved process accuracy, and increased customer satisfaction.

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