Introducing OpenScape Contact Centre for Agile and Enterprise CC

OpenScape leads the way to better customer engagement

Introducing OpenScape Contact Centre for Agile and Enterprise CC

As customer experience (CX) continues to lead the way as the most critical factor in business success, the contact centre has never been more crucial. Today’s clients have more control over their purchasing journey than ever, and the organisations that get ahead are the ones that know how to deliver the value and support that their customers are searching for.

Unify, the Atos brand for collaboration and communication recently introduced their OpenScape Contact Centre for Enterprise and Agile CC solutions. The OpenScape contact centre service builds upon Unify’s award-winning background in user experience excellence and customer engagement. With an “omnichannel” approach, the contact centre solution provides businesses with a 360-degree view of the journey their buyers take, to streamline path to purchase.

Here, we’re going to explore the features and potential of the OpenScape Contact Centre first-hand.

The Features of the OpenScape Contact Centre:

The Unify OpenScape Contact Centre solutions help businesses around the globe enhance their customer engagement strategies to access better market share and growth. For smaller sites, there’s OpenScape Agile, while larger companies can benefit from the “Enterprise” package. Services across both packages include:

  • Flexible skills-based routing for inbound contact centres
  • Integrated IVR for a combination of agent-assisted and self-service conversations
  • Innovative preview dialling and predictive dialling features for outbound contact centres
  • CRM ecosystem integration and Rest APIs
  • Administration centre where leaders can modify user profiles, add users, and manage agent skills
  • Design centre where managers can define routing paths and queue processing strategies
  • Report and analytics centre with customisable and visual reports for various channels
  • Built-in presence and collaboration tools
  • Multi-media routing for call-backs, email, web chat, voicemail and social media
  • Mobile supervisor apps to keep managers educated on the go

OpenScape Agile Contact Centre vs. Enterprise

To serve contact centres of any size, Unify delivers both an “Agile” and “Enterprise” package as part of their OpenScape CC service. Already, 25 billion calls are handled through these platforms every year. The service is simple, easy to use and affordable, whether you choose Enterprise or Agile. It also comes with a browser-based agent and supervisor application, and an industry-leading UI.

The Unify OpenScape Agile contact centre features:

  • Single site deployment
  • Integrated IVR
  • Up to 100 concurrent agents
  • Group-based routing of IVR, inbound voice, email, and callbacks
  • Pre-packaged CRM integration

The Unify OpenScape Enterprise contact centre offers:

  • Multi-site or single site networking
  • Up to 1500 concurrent agents per system or 7500 agents per cluster
  • Integrated IVR
  • CRM integrations (pre-packaged and custom)
  • Skills-based routing for outbound and inbound voice, IVR, voicemail, call-backs, social media, web chat, and fax

Unify’s OpenScape CC service also comes with the option to access support from Unify, with a range of professional services including project management, consulting, systems integration and vendor coordination.

What We Love About the Unify OpenScape Contact Centre

Whether you choose the Agile or Enterprise version of Unify’s OpenScape Contact Centre, you’re going to get a fantastic experience with measurable ROI. In fact, Unify claims that their customers generally see results within 12 months or less. The OpenScape Contact Centre gives companies useful insights into customer conversations, reduced costs, and increased productivity. What’s more, because you can enhance customer service from end-to-end, businesses can also access higher levels of consumer satisfaction. Our favourite features include:

  • Simplicity: The Unify OpenScape contact centre offers a simple multichannel solution for tracking and routing calls, email correspondence, and web chat. There’s intelligent skills-based routing included, to ensure that all customers are directed instantly towards the person who can give them the highest level of support
  • Scalable tools: The OpenScape contact centre comes with packages to suit a wide range of business sizes so that anyone can tap into the benefits of better customer engagement. You can network various servers together to scale up to as many as 7,500 agents, then use the intelligent IVR to make the front-end of your contact centre smart and streamlined
  • Powerful outbound solution: From an outbound contact centre perspective, the OpenScape Contact Centre comes with a service called “Campaign Director” which provides patented predictive dialling, advanced list, and campaign management, and call recording capabilities too
  • Intelligent routing decisions: The OpenScape Call Director comes with a fully-immersive IVR system that offers an automated front-end for your incoming voice conversations. Call Director can be set up with menus, greetings, and announcements to keep your customers informed before they connect to an agent. Additionally, the Unify Contact Centre comes with the ability to write to and read from external data for simplified data-directed routing
  • Record and analyse conversations: The Unify OpenScape Contact Centre comes pre-packaged with multi-channel recording and analysis services to help with delivering state-of-the-art facilities to customers. The more you learn about the connections that your agents make, the easier it is to provide the tailored experience today’s clients are searching for
  • Workforce optimisation and management: OpenScape contact centre users can also tap into workforce optimisation and management features to deliver insights into the way that agents are spending their days. WFO and WFM services from Unify help to increase contact centre productivity, reduce costs, and fulfill compliance demands

Finishing Thoughts on OpenScape Contact Centre

The OpenScape Contact Centre services from Unify are designed to suit any business, from the smallest most agile companies to the largest enterprises. In a world that’s driven by customer experience, this cloud-based multi-channel solution ensures that you can keep track of all the conversations you have with your clients and optimize them through smart routing and analytics too.

As a solution for agent productivity and customer engagement, the OpenScape Contact Centres are a great way to take business performance to the next level. What’s more, because it’s available in the cloud, you can upgrade or downgrade your Unify contact centre without having to worry about additional on-premise installations or integrations.

Unify’s OpenScape Contact Centre is multi-channel customer engagement at it’s finest.

Have you tried these CC solutions yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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