Introducing the New NICE Automation Finder

Automatically discover automation opportunities with NICE

Introducing the New NICE Automation Finder

Want a quick and easy way to find out where you can make your workflow more streamlined? The NICE Automation Finder could be the solution. NICE has already earned a reputation as an important partner for organisations who want to develop stronger customer service solutions, and now they’re introducing a way to make the workstream simpler too.

The world’s leader in on-premises and cloud-based enterprise software recently announced the launch of their new “Automation Finder” tool based on artificial intelligence technology. The AI solution makes it easier for companies to find the processes in their network that could be automated to improve ROI and enhance productivity.

What is the NICE Automation Finder?

For the most part, the NICE Automation Finder is driven by the software company’s desktop analytics portfolio, which has been helping to power enterprises from a range of industries for more than 15 years. The tool identifies processes that might be well-suited to desktop or robotic organisation – overcoming a critical challenge for many businesses in the midst of digital transformation.

Up until now, CIOs and company leaders have been forced to find candidates for automation themselves, using manual strategies like human hunches and competitive analysis. Unfortunately, this method isn’t always effective, as it fails to use the right data in determining automation candidates. The NICE Automation Finder, on the other hand, could reduce the risks involved with automation deployments, by adopting a scientifically-proven and comprehensive approach to business process selection.

The Automation Finder service collects and assesses data from employee activity, thereby looking for automation solutions based on relevant tasks performed by your staff every day. The system then moves the data through an AI algorithm that identifies repetitive patterns that could be alleviated through automated tools.

Simplifying the Path to Automation with NICE

The NICE Automation Finder is like nothing else on the market today. It’s unique in the way that it can create cycles of continuous optimisation for business processes. The more you use the NICE system, the more optimised your system becomes over time. According to the President of the NICE product group for Enterprise customers, Miki Migdal, the recent development is part of the company’s consistent drive for innovation.

By using cognitive intelligence systems and analytics, NICE has created a solution that will allow many companies to overcome the complexities involved with automating repetitive tasks in the enterprise environment. NICE believes that their Automation Finder will benefit various industries by increasing the likelihood that their automation strategies will be a thriving success. In a world where agility and growth are key to success, the ability to successfully implement automation could be important for many businesses.

By efficiently and accurately identifying candidates for automation, the NICE Automation Finder stimulates a seamless cycle of value delivery, driven by the constant search for greater value and productivity.

The result is a solution that saves the enterprise time, improves its chances of reaching goals, and maximises ROI.


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