IPCortex Updates Keevio and Strengthens Contextual Comms

Updates pave the way for resellers & end users to adopt contextual comms for enhanced customer & employee experiences

IPCortex Updates Keevio and Strengthens Contextual Comms

IPCortex, the British communications software developer, today announces a series of updates to CRM Connect, which delivers native integration with a range of CRM software solutions, and its Keevio web interface, which simplifies how businesses of all sizes engage with customers and colleagues. Via a single pane of glass application, it is accessible via the web with no installation required – no matter whether the customer uses a hosted, virtual or hardware solution.

The updates, available now, will allow partners and end users to take advantage of three key industry developments: contextual communication, customer engagement focus, and pervasive adoption of WebRTC.

Rob Pickering, CEO at IPCortex, comments,

“IPCortex not only provides business users with the tools they need for a frictionless internal collaboration experience, but allows businesses to transform their customer engagement with contextual communication. Many collaboration tools available today focus on the internal experience – but with the near ubiquity of WebRTC following its introduction into Safari, there’s an opportunity for every business to radically improve the way they engage with their customers too.”

The Keevio update introduces a number of usability and customisation enhancements that streamline communications and further facilitate the delivery of contextual communications, where communication is task oriented, or embedded in an application. This transforms customer engagement by providing all of the information relevant to a task – such as context, customer history or wider trends – enabling more efficient and intelligent decisions or outcomes to be made. For example, Keevio  includes reliable and secure use of video and screen sharing with external participants natively, without the need for those users to install any applications. This barrier-free approach to rich multimedia communication unlocks the external engagement opportunity.

Other user experience improvements include improved screen views to enable resizing windows and making multiple windows visible at the same time, for example call history and messaging popouts. Agents and business users can also now dial straight from a contact card, removing the need for dragging and dropping icons.

With this launch, IPCortex has also removed a separate per user support charge for phone users, making it even more cost effective to manage communication teams. It also introduces a free STUN and TURN service in order to radically simplify the steps that resellers take when deploying WebRTC based technologies, which has recently extended to Apple’s Safari browser.

IPCortex continues to deliver its existing rich feature set as standard, including a market-leading provisioning mechanism that ensures conversations stay secure, sophisticated fraud prevention and a fraud guarantee, easy billing and user management, collaboration anywhere with anyone via a single web application and workflow-friendly contact centre tools.

IPCortex is planning subsequent releases for Q3 and Q4 2018, to help companies transform their customer engagement and achieve new efficiencies by combining communication with key workflows.


About IPCortex
IPCortex is a British software developer whose real time communication and collaboration solutions help companies of all sizes to deliver extraordinary customer service and to maximise the value of working together. Founded in 2002, their award-winning solutions are used by household name companies in a wide variety of industries.

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