Kakapo Systems Unity Contact Center Review: Omni-channel for BroadSoft

Kakapo Systems brings omni-channel to the SMB market

Kakapo Systems Unity Contact Center Review: Omni-channel for BroadSoft

Kakapo Systems, a software development company, specialising in solutions for BroadSoft users, now offers a state-of-the-art contact center system explicitly designed to streamline the modern multi-channel communication experience.  I chatted to Steve Tutt, Marketing Director at Kakapo Systems about their latest software release.

Kakapo Systems has been developing incredible UC and call center services for BroadSoft service providers for years now, committed to delivering the applications that enhance both user and customer experience. I was lucky enough to sit down for a conversation about Kakapo’s “Unity Contact Center” service, which recently won the TMC “Product of the Year” award.

What is Unity Contact Center?

Unity Contact Center is the add-on service for BroadSoft Hosted PBX and ACD deployments. Essentially, the service lays over the top of BroadSoft call back and web chat capabilities, giving BroadSoft service providers and end-users a management hub for customer service experience. The solution implements chat into the customer website and integrates that chat system with the BroadSoft stack, for the perfect omni-channel system for small to mid-sized companies.

“Any BroadSoft platform, reseller, or user can simply overlay the Unity Contact Center on top of their hosted PBX or BroadSoft ACD system and access services like web chat and call back on the site. It’s basically a plug-and-play option for omni-channel service.”

By giving users a blended experience between their BroadSoft telephony stack, and their web chat services, Unity Contact Center means that companies can quickly scale up their customer handling strategy and offer clients the vast range of conversation modes they’re looking for. The service also comes with plenty of analytics and real-time reporting so that supervisors can visualize and manage incoming traffic across a host of media types.

What Makes Unity Contact Center So Compelling?

Unity Contact Center comes equipped with a range of immersive features that enhance the experience for Contact Center agents and customers alike. For instance, Intelligent Agent ACD is available to intelligently manage agent availability. For example, if someone’s already in a call, then they’ll automatically be made unavailable for web chat queues, and so on. There are also advanced routing features for all media types, ranging from web chat to voice.

“Agents can essentially take any media, including web chat, voice – and we have Twitter and email queues coming in Beta this month. For instance, if someone sends a tweet asking for help, it shows up in the same interface as a web chat request or call. Then you’ve got information alongside that to fuel your reports – like how many tweets are in a queue. It’s a single pane of glass taking all this traffic.”

Unity is THE small business omni-channel solution for BroadSoft.

Why Is Unity So Useful for SMBs?

Up until now, smaller companies have had to deploy siloed solutions for their contact center services. Now, with Unity, they can unify all of the elements of their contact center in a simple and cost-effective way.”

Not only is Kakapo Systems offering an affordable option with Unity, but something that almost any business can use too. It’s a totally plug-and-play cloud-based system.

“All you need to do is go into your cloud portal and copy and paste the JavaScript you get from Unity onto your web page, and you can go live immediately.”

Once the JavaScript is on your website page, you’ll get complete control over a range of advanced features, including canned web responses so you can connect with customers quickly, and even “presence-based scripting.” With presence-based scripting, the messages in the web chat system automatically change depending on when agents are available. For instance, the text may change from “Can I help?” to”Request a call back” if no agents are currently available.

Bringing UC and Collaboration Together for the Contact Center

With Unity Contact Center, Kakapo Systems is essentially building a simplified omni-channel solution for small businesses who want to adapt to suit the modern contact center.

“It’s about keeping complexity low, and functionality high. It works with every BroadSoft provider, and it automatically logs your calls and chats against CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce too – which is great for giving smaller businesses that extra information they need.”

There’s no complexity involved in any part of the Kakapo Systems Unity solution, which is why the company believes that the service will help to truly drive omni-channel in the small and mid-market. Unity will also give companies a new way to re-consider their calling queues, with the “Call Me Back” system, where customer details are automatically queued to an agent.

Unity Webchat
“I think people will be transitioning a lot towards call back over the incoming call center experience in the future. The contact center is changing, and we already have customers that are using call back after business hours, and messaging services during the day. This will save people from waiting in queues, which means better customer service. Additionally, routing and managing turnover is much simpler. You get zero abandoned calls and are just measuring SLA on Call Backs.”

A Huge Step Forward for SMB Contact Centers

Ultimately, by giving agents and contact centers the best possible blended experience, Unity Contact Center ensures that customers can scale their customer handling processes and capabilities with more transactions, without increasing over-spending on bringing new agents onto their teams.

Already, Unity has the potential to be a significant player in the contact center world, and Kakapo Systems told me that there is more to come.

“Everything here is just media streams for us. Call back, email; we can put in SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp – whatever a business needs. You can take any media that your customer wants to measure and process within the same system.”

With the Unity Contact Center from Kakapo Systems, small to mid-sized businesses could finally have access to a complete end-to-end solution for omni-channel routing and analytics.

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