Migrating your Business to Cloud-Based Call Analytics

Achieving better analytics in the cloud

Migrating your Business to Cloud-Based Call Analytics
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It’s safe to say that the call centre environment is changing. A world of omnichannel communication solutions and increasingly-demanding customers means that the conversation between customers and companies is more diverse than ever, with opportunities to reach out through not just VoIP, but instant messaging, SMS, and social media too.

In a world where customer experience (CX) is king, it’s not enough to simply “hope for the best” with your contact centre strategy. Companies that want to provide the right solution for their customers need to listen to their needs, analyse their behaviour, and respond to changing patterns. The only way to do this is with contact centre analytics.

The right analytics platform not only gives you an overview of consumer preferences, it also provides you with the information you need to respond to current trends. According to Steve Tutt of Kakapo Systems:

“These metrics are crucial in the contact centre space because they show companies where people are waiting in the queue [and] where they’re losing customers.”

Going Beyond the “Call” In Call Centre Analytics

So, we know that call centre insights are important, but why is it so useful to migrate your system to the cloud? Why not simply pay someone to listen to your call recordings and sift through your data at the end of each month? The simple answer is that it’s not cost-efficient or effective to work without the cloud anymore.

If you’re contacting customers through SMS, chat, and social platforms as well as phone calls, you’d need endless hours of extra time to go through all that dispersed data. The cloud brings everything together in a more cohesive, comprehensive way. Whereas in traditional call centres, only about 5% of all calls are screened for training and quality assurance purposes, the application of cloud-based call analytics allows call centres to automate quality scoring and analysis on a much broader level. In fact, you can assess up to 100% of your calls.

If that wasn’t enough, the cloud also gives you the opportunity to use machine learning to assess your data up to 60-times faster too, particularly if you’re using new technology provided by experts like Red Box Recorders or Tollring.  That means that you’re spending less time and money on quality and compliance, all while improving your chances of better brand loyalty and ROI in the future.

Assess the Entire Customer Journey

Without the cloud approach in analytics to bring all your dispersed communication strategies together, information starts to build up in silos around your organisation. This means that you get a pile of data in email, a pile in text, and a pile in voice, all waiting to come together and offer useful, actionable insights. Today’s web-based solutions for unified communications and collaboration open the door for a more connected end-to-end user experiences for customers.

With the cloud, you can give your customer the chance to move a conversation from instant chat to a voice conversation with just one click. At the same time, the cloud can also capture those two different forms of data and bring them together to give you more context about a customer’s experience, and support dispute resolution. This not only leads to higher rates of customer satisfaction, but it also means that you’re more likely to get the insights you need to really transform customer experiences.

A Simpler Solution to Call Analytics

While every company has a different vision of what the perfect call centre analytics experience might be, the cloud does offer a much more immersive and interconnected solution for many companies who want to make the most of the current era of digital transformation (DX). With a cloud environment, you essentially get the opportunity to build your own contact centre, complete with all the call recording, and machine learning strategies you need to make the most of the data you collect.

On the cloud, call analytics can truly reach the next level, and move beyond the focus on the traditional call, to embrace things like SMS, social media and more. This way, you get a more significant overview of your customers, and a chance to grow your brand.


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