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Mitel Demonstrate the Power of Google Contact Center AI

A video demonstration of Mitel's use of Google's Contact Centre AI technology within their contact centre platform

UC Today attended Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019, one of the UK’s biggest communication and customer experience focused events, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Matthew Clare, Director of Contact Center Solutions for Mitel.

In this video, Presenter, Patrick joins the guys at the Mitel booth to take a look at a demonstration of Google’s Contact Center AI technology. Matthew explains that Mitel have been partnering with Google for around a year to develop the capability of their AI technology within the contact centre environment. The demonstration incorporates two key features, the capabilities of a virtual assistant and Mitel’s premise of agent assist, where contact centre agents can be supported by AI knowledge tools.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI Demo

The demonstration takes us through an example use case of a customer wanting to book tickets to an entertainment event. Firstly the customer can interact with an AI enhanced chatbot which is capable of answering simple questions to provide the customer with the availability of different events and then continue to provide more in-depth support with details of potential venues and further information. The bot is capable of providing visual information, as well as text responses, and in this example it shows the different options in terms of seating plans.

Phase two of the demonstration connects the customer from the chatbot through to a live agent. As the customer is transferred to the agent all of the relevant information from the initial conversation with the virtual assistant is transferred to the human agent to provide context to the initial enquiry. As well as providing the context, the agent assist feature then provides additional prompts and coaching for the agent based on previous enquires within the contact centre knowledge base. Google analytics can provide feedback on which features, or prompts, were useful to improve the effectiveness of the AI in future customer interactions.

Matthew explains that these new features are entering beta now and they will be looking to launch this solution to customers later this year after live trials.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Matthew Clare from Mitel.

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Rob ScottRob Scott 07:37, 17 Apr 2019

Google AI powered customer experience just makes sense, good to see vendors like Mitel showcasing the power of partnerships in today’s tech world.

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