New Automation to Agent CX Solution from Ada

Ada delivers time savings for agents

New Automation to Agent CX Solution from Ada

Market leader in Automated Customer Experience solutions, Ada, recently announced the development of their new “Ada Glass” solution. This offering delivers a seamless handoff experience from the Ada AI chatbot, to live chat platform partners such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Nuance.

One of the latest features in Ada’s ACX platform, Ada Glass ensures that enterprises can connect their customers instantly with a live support agent from within the chatbot interface. Ada Glass allows today’s customer service teams to upgrade the customer experience by sending clients to the most suitable agent according to their interests and needs. Additionally, with Ada Glass, businesses can also focus on finding high-value customers and giving them immediate responses to ensure continued brand loyalty.

From Chatbot to Agent – Instantly

Ada is a company that specialises in delivering personal engagement opportunities across the entire customer journey. The business places the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence into the hands of people who understand the market. With the new Ada Glass solution, whenever agents are busy, the customer will be able to interact with a chatbot while waiting in a queue to get live support.

Outside of business hours, the customer will also receive a custom message to schedule an appointment with a live agent when the company is available. The ACS and Business Intelligence Engineer for LiteBit.eu, Bas Lucieer, said that introducing Ada Glass to the existing support experience made their teams more effective. The company was able to reduce inquiry volume by 90%. Whenever agents are required, the company can trust Ada to provide customers with the seamless transition they need from chatbot to human.

Incredible Results for Global Businesses

According to Ada, during the pilot implementations of Ada Glass, the technology demonstrated fantastic benefits for global businesses. The plug and play design means that its easier for companies to integrate their new solution with their existing live chat solutions without any coding. Additionally, the flow between live support and automation means that users can benefit from a more effective self-service experience.

Because the Ada Glass solution also captures customer information and context within chatbot conversations, it can minimise the need for repetitive questions in the customer experience environment and reduce admin-heavy tasks. This means that agents can provide more immediate support to clients.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Ada, Mike Murchison, CX leaders across a variety of industries are now spending more on AI and bots to enhance the customer experience. However, it’s important to also consider the way that automation and live agent support can blend together, for companies to get the most out of their investment. The strategic approach that Ada has taken to build a one-of-a-kind handoff solution creates an effortless experience for everyone involved.


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