New Meeting & Contact Centre Solution by 8×8

Introducing the enhanced 8x8 communications portfolio

New Meeting & Contact Centre Solution by 8×8

8×8, a leader in communication solutions that transform the experiences of employees and customers, recently announced the launch of multiple new solutions for meetings, contact centre, and more. Known for their ability to combine the back-end and front-end communication experience, 8×8 recently introduced their new Meetings experience, with friction-free and engaging video communications featuring voice, one-touch conferencing and chat. This service will help teams to improve their collaboration strategies inside and outside of the office.

At the same time, 8×8 has also unveiled a new integration between 8×8 Contact Centre, and Google’s Contact Center AI, to support businesses in accessing better conversations with customers. The Contact Center AI combines a variety of AI products to enrich the customer service experience. Together, the two new solutions will build on 8×8’s end-to-end communication solution.

The 8×8 Meetings Solution

The new 8×8 Meetings solution offers a state-of-the-art platform for video collaboration, supporting video and voice on any device in the popular 8×8 cloud environment. The 8×8 cloud solution scales to suit the needs of your business, with a modern architecture for conferencing built for the age of WebRTC. A unique component of 8×8 Meetings is the ability for users to start meetings with a single click, and transition from phone call to chat, to video. This functionality is possible thanks to 8×8’s purpose-built SaaS platform, which eliminates the need for third-party applications.

Instead of third-party apps, 8×8 takes advantage of standard communication tech built into mobile operating systems and web browsers.

According to the Project Manager of Mold-Rite Plastics, Matt Maker, 8×8 Meetings makes it easier for the company to share photos, screenshots and conversations in real-time to get production robots back online as quickly as possible. Having all communications in the same platform and integrated into critical systems like Salesforce empowers teams to accomplish more.

Effective Internal Communication is Essential

dejan deklich

Dejan Deklich

The 8×8 Meetings solution highlights the value of a well-managed and integrated solution for business meetings. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, 65% of meeting solutions users will be taking advantage of VoIP/SIP-based audio conferencing with the options embedded into meetings platforms. Another report from Gartner named the “Digital Workplace Applications Primer for 2019” states that forward-thinking organisations prefer UCC solutions that can foster greater collaboration via video meetings and persistent messaging.

8×8 recently purchased Jitsi, a set of open-source projects that allows companies to easily deploy secure solutions for video conferencing. The acquisition of Jitsi provides 8×8 with access to some of the world’s leading experts in video communications. According to Dejan Deklich, the Chief Product Officer and EVP for 8×8, the business is fine-tuning their product integration strategy, and accelerating their pace of innovation to ensure that 8×8 customers always have the best video strategies available to them.

The new 8×8 Meetings service builds upon the X Series and includes more than 25 new and improved features for mobile and desktop applications. To support greater collaboration, 8×8 Meetings will also offer easy-to-use conferencing experiences that combine Meetings software and hardware.

8×8 Contact Center AI

While 8×8 Meetings supports the conversations happening in the back-end of the business environment, the new integration with Google’s Contact Center AI supports the discussions at the front-end. With Contact Center AI, enterprises can tap into the potential of artificial intelligence to improve and augment their contact centre solutions.

According to the Director of Product Management at Google, Rajen Sheth, Contact Center AI empowers companies to augment and enhance their contact centres. The goal of Google’s Cloud contact centre solution, is to make the conversations between customers and businesses easier and more efficient. Google believes that by partnering with 8×8, they can deliver on the goal to support better customer experiences and help enterprises to maintain happier customers with faster call resolution.

The 8×8 Contact Center, infused with Google Contact Center AI gives businesses an opportunity to differentiate their customer experience with advanced analytics in real-time, as well as predictive dialling and reporting. Contact Center AI is a secure, simple and flexible system offering access to AI to companies with limited resources.

Improving Efficiency and Customer Experience

According to 8×8’s Deklich, improving efficiency and reducing call times are some of the biggest pain points for contact centres. 8×8 Contact Center combined with Google AI helps business users to access the latest in AI technology, to enhance the overall experience of end users. 8×8’s leadership position in the contact centre environment, combined with Google’s state-of-the-art technology allows them to offer a highly advanced solution.

Google delivers the underlying technology and expertise, while 8×8 provides the contact centre knowledge and telephony for a fully integrated solution. Features of the 8×8 Contact Centre integration with Google’s CCAI include:

  • 8×8 Virtual Agent: Using a combination of Google CCAI, and 8×8 AI technology, incoming voice calls on routine and simple questions like “What time will a technician arrive” will be answered using an automated agent. Reducing the need for live agents will increase the efficiency of the call centre, enabling 24/7 support and reducing costs. For end-users, the 8×8 virtual agent will also improve the customer experience, increasing first-call resolution and call wait times
  • The virtual agent can also hand calls over to live agents when necessary. The Agent Assist feature automatically supplies agents with knowledge documents and background articles based on the conversation. This enhances the customer experience and reduces call length, ensuring customer don’t need to repeat requests

The 8×8 Contact Centre, combined with artificial intelligence technology from Google is currently in the testing stage.  8×8 are appearing at Enterprise Connect this week, at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Centre in Orlando.


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