NewVoiceMedia Chosen as the Contact Centre Partner for Altares D&B

Altares Dun & Bradstreet and NVM collaborate over customer experience

NewVoiceMedia Chosen as the Contact Centre Partner for Altares D&B

The global provider of cloud contact centre solutions and sales technology innovations, NewVoiceMedia recently announced a new partnership with Altares D&B. The data economy company picked NewVoiceMedia’s platform to help them create more compelling and immersive customer experiences (CX) for their European audience.

As pioneers in the data economy space, Altares D&B works to optimise the data capital of clients from around the world. Additionally, Altares is the exclusive partner of Dun & Bradsheet, which is one of the most competitive providers of B2B information in Maghreb, Benelux, and France. With it’s carefully chosen partnerships, Altares has built a reputation for itself as the ultimate partner for small, mid-size, and large companies, offering access to information about more than 280 million companies across 220 different countries.

Why Choose NewVoiceMedia?

Altares has multiple contact centre solutions to work with throughout their enterprise, and recently, they’ve been working to standardise and simplify their processes alongside a new implementation of Salesforce technology. They hope that by implementing both the right CRM and the right contact centre strategy, they’ll be able to give their global customers a more immersive and consistent experience.

According to the Customer Experience Leader for Altares, Rahim Glamali, the brand is thrilled to partner with NewVoiceMedia for their reliable, flexible technology and real-time insights into the business world. After an in-depth market evaluation, Altares felt that they needed a cloud solution to give them the flexibility and scalability they crave. NewVoiceMedia offers global operation, combined with rich functionality and easy integration with Salesforce strategies.

In a press release, Glamali noted that the Altares brand is committed to giving hassle-free experiences to customers, while constantly improving their network. They believe that the NewVoiceMedia platform is an important next step in their quest for customer-centric design. With a single-source approach to customer data, dynamic routing, and self-service capabilities, the “NVM” strategy should help Altares to enhance their contact centre while ensuring that agents have access to entire histories of customer interactions.

The Quest for Better Customer Experience

Chris Haggis

SVP for customer success for NewVoiceMedia, Chris Haggis

NewVoiceMedia agrees that customer experience (CX) has become a key component of running a competitive business in the modern marketplace. The SVP for customer success for the company, Chris Haggis noted that brand reputation and market position are both often impacted by an organisation’s ability to delight their user base. With the NVM platform, Altares will be able to standardise contact centre operations, ensuring that all employees can log into the same systems wherever they are.

Regardless of whether staff is in-house, or remote, they can connect to the NVM using any internet connection and achieve greater visibility into their operations. There’s even a real-time window into the contact centre, which allows the company to manage advisors. Customisable reports and call recordings will also allow the company to optimise business performance wherever they see fit.

Haggis noted that he’s looking forward to seeing how Altares uses the NewVoiceMedia platform to facilitate their future success and grow their customer base.


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