Nexmo APIs from Vonage Simplify Multi-Channel Communications

Nexmo APIs from Vonage Simplify Multi-Channel Communications

Cloud communications leader and innovator, Vonage recently announced that their API platform, “Nexmo” now offers an impressive messaging solution built around two brand-new APIs, the Dispatch API and the Messages API.

The new solution will allow businesses to create a more engaging and immersive customer experience (CX) through the use of highly-reliable and straightforward multi-channel messaging. In a recent press release, Vonage announced that their new APIs will allow companies to connect with their customers on the channels they prefer – something that has become increasingly important in today’s experience-first marketplace.

Connecting with Customers on Their Preferred Channels

The rise of social media and the demand for new, natural-feeling solutions for communications has pushed companies to embrace alternative ways of communicating with their customers in meaningful and personal ways. Social chat apps now offer ways to expand the customer conversations with images, audio, and video, ensuring that customers can get the additional information and context they need.

As the number of available social chat applications continue to increase, so too do the demands on developers to keep up with complex solutions. Vonage believes that their Nexmo Messages and Dispatch APIs will help organisations to keep pace with an ever-evolving business landscape, by removing the complexities involved with integrating multiple messaging channels and providing a uniform experience to all.

The unique, API-based approach allows companies to tap into a more straightforward and more reliable product for messaging, unlike anything that has previously been available on the market. This means that companies can focus more of their efforts on engaging and delighting their customers, instead of concentrating on confusing API integrations.

Vonage understands how challenging it can be for companies to create seamless communication environments for their customers – but they also know how important it is to give clients those options. With the Dispatch and Messages API, Nexmo will empower businesses with the control and agility they need to meet their customers on the channels they prefer, every time.

Highlights of the Messaging and Dispatch APIs

The Dispatch and Messenger APIs from Vonage are innovative ways for companies to take their communication strategy to the next level. The Messages API gives companies access to social chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as traditional mobile channels like SMS and MMS, all on the same API. Alternatively, the Dispatch API allows companies to send crucial company messages through a customised flow equipped with automated failback to ensure delivery, even when the first message fails to reach the recipient within the right timeframe.

The Nexmo Dispatch API allows companies to easily expand beyond SMS and leverage the most cost-effective and popular messaging channels with built-in failover. Features include:

  • Single API for implementing customised social messaging strategies, ideal for helping customers to set up and leverage their social channels
  • Reliability of delivery through the customer’s preferred channel. Unread and undelivered messages will automatically move to another channel
  • Final callback events for developers that detail the total outcome and price of the delivery attempt

The Nexmo Messages API makes it easier for brands to engage with their customers on their preferred channel, including social chat applications, MMS, and SMS, highlights include:

  • Vonage’s state-of-the-art adaptive routing and direct carrier connections
  • Single-event callbacks that offer detailed results like message status, error message, and timestamp
  • Feature-rich messaging which include options like video, images, audio, and location details

Enhancing Rich Customer Communications

Already, Vonage has begun to see the impact of their innovative Nexmo platform for APIs. Global customers like international express, logistics, and mail delivery services company, Aramax are currently leveraging the Messages API to access popular channels like WhatsApp Business.

In a press release about the new APIs, Digital Transformation Director for Aramex, Mohammed Sleeq noted that Aramex has partnered with Nexmo as a solution provider to help them unlock the benefits of WhatsApp Business for connecting with their customers. The new partnership will reduce the number of contact centre interactions that the business deals with each day, and should provide a personalised, on-demand interaction service for Aramex customers.

No doubt, countless other companies are sure to see the benefits of providing their customers with alternative modes of communication too. As customer experience shines as the one true form of brand differentiation, the business that can hold the conversations that its clients want is the one that will stay ahead of the curve.


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