Next Gen CX on Show at NICE Interactions 2019

Video coverage of NICE Interactions 2019, where NICE showcased its latest and greatest innovations aimed at transforming CX


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NICE Interactions 2019 was latest destination for the UC Today team. NICE’s annual customer conference took place in the O2 in Greenwich, London, this year and attracted customers and partners to examine the latest portfolio innovations promising to transform customer experience provision.

Presenter Patrick is joined by John O’Hara, President EMEA for NICE and then by Barry Cooper NICE’s Enterprise Group President.

Firstly Patrick talks to John O’Hara about the Interactions event in general. John explains how the event is growing year on year and at 2019’s event there were over 600 customer experience professionals in attendance, speaking over 25 different languages and representing 30 different countries.

John explains that, as well more general updates on NICE’s vision and strategy within the market, those in attendance were also keen to focus in on specific technology areas. NICE ran a selection of breakout sessions during the two day conference which covered areas such as; Innovations in Automation and AI, Driving Employee Engagement and Financial Compliance.

NICE are keen to ensure that its customers and partners are ready to move along with technological innovation and John explains that by helping them understand the different areas of potential development, NICE are able to offer much more specific assistance. Innovation areas within speech and sentiment analytics can transform the interactions between customers and businesses. Providing personalised connections is an area which NICE believes to be key and the slogan for this year’s Interactions was ‘Personal Connections Elevated’ to reflect the importance of providing a more personal approach to each and every customer.

NICE has acquired various organisations that strengthen its portfolio. John gives Patrick the example of the Masttersight acquisition which added the capability to provide persona based routing within contact centre environments. John explains what persona based routing is and how it could be transformative for customer experience provision.

Next up Patrick spoke to Barry Cooper who explains a couple of the main concepts that NICE have been introducing to the assembly during the Interactions event. ‘The Experience Revolution’ is a term that NICE have been using to describe the increasingly competitive landscape where customer experience provision is going to be the determining factor in many customer choices between competitive organisations. Barry then explains that this has evolved to create the concept of the ‘Experience Divide’.

The Experience Divide refers to customers who are not able to make the leap to the next generation of consolidated customer service platforms. Those who are not able to develop, and are left with siloed platforms, will find it much more difficult to provide exemplary customer services and compete with more technologically advanced competitors.

Barry also provides Patrick with some examples of the NICE solutions that are on show within the event’s solution showcase. NLP, advanced routing and sentiment analytics capabilities are just some of the cutting edge areas where NICE is developing solutions that can benefit its customers. Automation is another key area and NICE’s Automation Finder, can be used within organisations to find processes that are easily replicated by bots, minimising costs and removing mundane task from agents.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with John O’Hara and Barry Cooper from NICE.

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