NICE Accelerates Along the Road to Success in Market Leadership

With AI, Robotic Process Automation, and more, NICE leads the way

NICE Accelerates Along the Road to Success in Market Leadership

Leading technology innovator NICE, recently announced that they’re maintaining their leadership position in the marketplace with the rapid growth of their Robotic Process Automation platform. The RPA strategy is currently seeing adoption from huge enterprises across the globe, who are connecting to NICE as a way of automating both complicated, and repetitive business processes.

The company has collaborated with a range of new technology partners since launching the RPA platform in September, and their network of global partnerships continues to grow too, with more than 40 industry-leading organisations.

Next-Level Technology for the Modern Market

The proprietary RPA platform by NICE has seen plenty of uptake in the current market as organisations around the world begin to explore the possibilities that AI and machine learning technology has to offer. The system provides integrations for both robotic automation and desktop solutions in a single platform, highlighting NICE’s ability to automate complex processes with speed and excellence.

Machine Learning AI

Now that they’re offering their customers a chance to automate and simplify some of their most complicated processes, NICE have uncovered an exceptional framework for accessing the benefits of cognitive software, perfect for companies who want to take advantage of the latest solutions for Optical Character Recognition, voice bots, and machine learning solutions. The simple solutions that NICE can provide could change the market forever in the world of AI.

Innovation Comes First

For NICE, the focus this year has been exclusively on innovation and growth. The company is well-known for its commitment to driving intuitive new solutions in the cognitive automation and artificial intelligence market. Today, In-house cognitive innovations are already in development, ready to be augmented by existing NICE solutions like workforce optimisation, speech analytics, and more.

The growth is set to continue in 2018 when NICE plans to push industry standards even further by delivering some of the following innovative ideas to the marketplace:

  • A reading robot that uses speech and text analytics to understand customer intent by reading unstructured data. This will allow companies to respond to customer needs in real-time
  • A shape analysis solution that changes the way RPA solutions can interact with company applications
  • A cognitive strategy that uses rich analytics from the NICE platform to identify processes suitable for automation instantly

NICE has already received significant recognition in the industry for its innovative approach to technology, including a Saddletree Kachina award, and a TMC Labs Award.

Is NICE Taking Over the Market?

With so much success and such a wide range of solutions to offer, it’s easy to see why NICE’s penetration in the marketplace is growing. Since the start of 2017, NICE has tripled its acquisition of new customers in the RPA space, appealing to everyone from public, to private sector solutions around the globe.

The unique features and solutions that NICE has to offer means that it can consistently increase the scope of its market penetration, expanding beyond traditional verticals like telecoms, banking, and insurance, to enter new markets like hi-tech, electronics, and oil. It’s possible that NICE could be the ultimate solution in 2018 when it comes to RPA strategies.


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