NICE AIR & Engage Omnichannel Interaction Recording: Driving Value

Increasing interaction value across every contact centre channel

NICE AIR & Engage Omnichannel Interaction Recording: Driving Value

As contact centres branch out into the digital sphere and adopt an omnichannel service to enhance CX and create more opportunities to interact with their customer, recording these interactions becomes increasingly difficult.

However, in order to help simplify this process and ensure that businesses are able to drive value into every interaction across every channel, NICE AIR & Engage claims to offer the perfect solution.

What can it do?

NICE AIR & Engage omnichannel interaction recording integrates with all market leading vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft Skype for Business, e-Gain, LivePerson, and Facebook Messenger and enables businesses to instantly record data from every customer interaction across voice, video, chat, email and social media channels.

As a fully flexible solution, AIR & Engage will adapt to suit the individual needs of any contact centre environment and enables channel partners to provide their customers with a fully coherent recording experience across all channels through a single platform.

By offering a fully comprehensive, PCI DSS3 and HIPAA certified omnichannel recording compliance solution, AIR & Engage helps businesses meet the demands of regulators and keeps both service providers and their customers’ organisations safe from threats, fines and damages to CX.

Moreover, AIR & Engage offers support for up to 5000 channels per interaction recorder, giving unparalleled levels of scalability that heavily reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and will provide ongoing support for businesses as they transcend through periods of growth.

To simplify system management and help IT departments overcome the difficulties of maintaining complex networks that use many siloed technologies, AIR & Engage offers a simple user interface that allows them to quickly store and retrieve interactions from every channel across the board.

As well as this, AIR & Engage also provides a Signe API umbrella that enables users to effortlessly integrate the recording platform with third party applications for complete compliancy and coverage.

In the event of a disaster, AIR & Engage offers state-of-the-art business continuity to ensure damages are kept to a minimum and that contact centres can continue providing service to their customers without disruption.

What did we like most?

Though there are many features NICE AIR & Engage offers to help improve and simplify the process of omnichannel interaction recording, the thing that really grabbed our attention was the inclusion of a Signe API umbrella that enables developers to effortlessly integrate third party applications into their interaction recording platform with minimal effort.

Who is it for?

For any contact centre looking for a single, scalable platform that will accurately record thousands of customer interactions across multiple channels and help generate value into each of them, NICE AIR & Engage offers the perfect solution.

UC Today Opinion

As a flexible omnichannel interaction recording solution that enables businesses to capture, store and manage thousands of customer interactions in a way that is efficient, simple and compliant with all the appropriate regulations, NICE AIR & Engage is a powerful tool that enables its users to gain a huge advantage over other competitors in the market.

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