Finding Value in the Voice of the Customer with NICE Satmetrix

Capitalising on customer feedback and role-specific insights to maximise CX

Finding Value in the Voice of the Customer with NICE Satmetrix

Harnessing the voice of the customer and using role-specific insights to improve the performance of every individual agent is how NICE Satmetrix is revolutionising Customer Experience (CX) in the contact centre.

Featuring a set of unique and truly innovative technologies that gather direct feedback from the customer and apply contextualised analytics to help improve agent performance, NICE Satmetrix offers an unprecedented CX solution that adds value to every interaction.

To explain in further detail what this software can do, we carried out an in-depth review of all of the features and benefits it delivers to help improve the customer experience strategy of contact centres operating in the modern market.

What can it do?

By gathering real-time feedback across multiple channels within a contact centre – and throughout the business – and deploying surveys via email, SMS, smart web & app integration and much more, NICE Satmetrix enables businesses to gain valuable, personalised insight into the customer experience and drive value into every customer interaction.

Alongside this, NICE also offer indirect feedback and behavioural analytics that log and process all customer/agent interactions and use cutting-edge natural language processing and speech analytics to reveal the emotional state of each customer.

Once the data is collected, NICE Satmetrix takes standard analytics to the next evolutionary step with sophisticated, role-specific charts and graphs that deliver the insights each contact centre employee needs to perform better. The charts are collected into separate, configurable dashboards created specifically for each individual role to help improve customer engagement and drive agent productivity.

With this platform, insights are transformed into action, enabling contact centres to set customer experience-related targets for each individual employee based on their role in the business, their unique skill sets and performance history.

More than just giving information about the customer, these contextualised insights provide an ample opportunity for businesses to monitor the behavioural attributes of each agent and implement real-time, next-best-action guidance to help them deliver the best possible customer experience during every contact.

Given that time is precious in any contact centre environment, the self-service functionality of NICE Satmetrix which gives the business much greater agility and full control over every aspect of their system – from dashboard design and workflow management to data hierarchies and survey design – means that changes can be implemented whenever necessary and no time is wasted waiting for outside parties to action their requests.

Having said that, though businesses are free to manage their network independently, NICE offers full online guidance from a team of experts as well as role-specific training materials and a rich set of configurable templates that are built into the platform to ensure that their partners are fully supported every step of the way.

What do we like the most?

Though NICE Satmetrix offers many innovative features to help businesses improve their customer experience strategy, the thing that really impressed us was how it is able to capture and analyse data contextually based on the role and skillset of each individual agent. By doing this, NICE deviates away from a one-size-fits-all approach and instead provides tailored solutions that use the same information to help improve various different areas of the business.

Who is it for?

Any contact centre looking to improve their customer experience strategy by gaining valuable insight into the customer journey, and ensuring that each individual agent is given the support and guidance they need to deliver exceptional service during every interaction, stands to benefit enormously from the NICE Voice of the Customer solution. As an added benefit, the solution is engineered to provide insights companywide, reaching beyond the contact centre as well.

UC Today Opinion

Though improving customer experience starts by looking at the customer journey and adequately resolving any problems they encounter, it certainly doesn’t end there. In fact, giving agents full visibility of the customer experience, and providing them with all the training and support they need to engage with their client, is equally as important and the NICE Satmetrix solution goes above and beyond to ensure they are able to do this.

By harnessing the value of analytics and taking customer insights to an unprecedented level, NICE Satmetrix adds infinite value to every interaction and gives businesses a whole new range of opportunities to maximise the CX, drive down cost and differentiate themselves from all other competitors in the marketplace.

Have any questions about NICE Satmetrix that weren’t covered in the review? Are there any experiences with this product you wish to share with others? Want to know more about how effective NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention is? If so, please feel free to submit your comments to the section below and communicate with our other readers.

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