NICE InContact adds End-to-End AI to CXOne

Adding intelligence to the CXOne platform

NICE InContact adds End-to-End AI to CXOne

World-leading cloud customer experience platform provider, Nice InContact, recently announced the delivery of new features to their impressive CXone solution. The CXone system combines analytics, omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, artificial intelligence and automation into a single cloud-native platform. The Spring 2019 update comes with multiple AI-enhanced updates for the contact centre, along with a range of CRM integrations.

The new AI functionality for CXone will cover the entire agent and customer experience, including enhanced AI self-service bots, forecasting, and scheduling solutions, and more. CXone will give companies access to a more personalised customer experience strategy, complete with deeper Salesforce and CRM integrations too.

According to the CEO for NICE InContact, Paul Jarman, the updated AI innovations will help businesses to stay one step ahead of their customer expectations in an increasingly competitive environment for customer experience. Organisations of all shapes and sizes will be able to leverage enhanced capabilities across the NICE InContact CXone environment.

End-to-End AI Functionality for Smart Engagement

The end-to-end AI capabilities offered by Nice InContact will give businesses the option to predict and act upon intelligent insights that delight and engage their customers. For instance, some of the updated AI capabilities include:

  • Advanced Chat for CXone: A solution that simplifies the introduction of automation into the AI contact centre for faster, more streamlined service delivery. Integrated chatbots will enable organisations to deploy bots to perform repetitive tasks, though the option to relevant conversations to human agents will be available. Sentiment analysis, natural language processing, language recognition and more will be available too. More than 20 AI-powered chatbot and voice partner integrations are also possible in the CXexchange marketplace
  • Predictive Behaviour Routing with NICE Nexidia: This strategy will connect customers with the most appropriate agents for their personality and behavioural characteristics, to improve discussion outcomes. The PBR solution will improve business results using state-of-the-art algorithms that suggest the best agent for a situation according to average call handle time, customer satisfaction rate, customer effort time and more
  • AI WFM Forecasting: Improve your workforce management forecasting strategy with an AI selection of algorithms for any scenario. Best pick options account for more than 45 patented algorithms, as well as seasonality and trends
  • AI-driven interaction insights and analytics: Drive more intelligent decisions, improve customer satisfaction and more with AI-driven interaction analytics that highlight sources of customer frustration and eliminate unresolved issues. Frustration detection services go beyond negative sentiment to detect what aspects contribute to customer issues

Updated Range of CRM Integrations

The CXone Spring release from NICE InContact also comes with a range of new CRM integrations to support more contextual customer experiences too. For instance, better Salesforce integrations will give Salesforce users more access to useful customer information. There’s also the option to access CXone routing for Salesforce channels, which adds a worldwide carrier-grade channel for voice into the Salesforce environment, alongside an intelligent routing engine. This package will improve customer experiences using skills-based routing strategies that links agents to customer attributes in Salesforce.

Agents can continue to handle their digital channel conversations within a familiar Salesforce interface, and CXone agents will benefit from more satisfactory customer conversations. Additionally, new Salesforce CXone packages will extend the Salesforce lightning service console with integrated quality management, workforce management, and customer feedback apps.

What’s more, a selection of enhanced new pre-built CRM integrations will provide businesses with a wide variety of options for integrating the latest CRM solutions with CXone for a more personalised customer experience and improved agent productivity. Each integration delivers a unified desktop option between real-time interaction handling, and a customer profile from the CRM. Some integration options include SAP, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.



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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 13:38, 30 Apr 2019

Some great AI-infused features being added here. Good to see!

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