NICE inContact Omnichannel Routing Review

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NICE inContact Omnichannel Routing Review

The modern contact centre is facing a serious increase in pressure.

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They want not only the highest quality of service, but they also expect to be able to ask questions and get quick responses on any digital channel they choose.

To deliver the rich experiences that their customers are looking for, brands need to do more than simply making sure they’re active on multiple channels. Leading companies also need a strategy to link the context from those platforms together, providing clients with a seamless interaction from one touchpoint to the next.

Get omnichannel right, and you can retain up to 89% of your customers, compared to only 33% for those with weak omnichannel campaigns. What’s more, an omnichannel routing solution ensures can make agents and employees more productive too. Rather than having to jump from one tool to a next, your people can find everything they need within the same cohesive environment.

Fortunately, NICE inContact is here to help. Their intuitive cloud-based omnichannel routing solution allows agents to productively engage with customers across any digital channel, instantly.

NICE inContact Omnichannel Routing Features

Designed by one of the market leaders in customer experience management and cloud communication, NICE inContact Omnichannel routing delivers incredible business flexibility. When you have the power to deploy agents anytime, anywhere and according to specific needs, you can ensure that you’re always on hand to provide the service customers desire when they need it the most.

The NICE inContact Omnichannel routing service is a management suite that allows you to maintain a complete presence across any channel through the cloud. You can implement routing changes in hours, unlock an easy-to-use interface for your agents, and seamlessly integrate NICE inContact with your existing CRM solutions. Features include:

  • Inbound Voice
  • Outbound Voice
  • IVR
  • Voice Portal
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Text / SMS
  • Social Media
  • Extensible Work items

NICE inContact Omnichannel Routing Components

At its core, the cloud-based NICE inContact Omnichannel routing solution breaks down into three key areas:

  • CXone automatic contact distributor
  • CXone interactive voice response
  • CXone personal connection

NICE inContact CXone Automatic Contact Distributor

The NICE inContact CXone automatic contact distributor makes sure that the correct customer requests reach the best possible agents for the job. This skills-based omnichannel routing engine works through the cloud to ensure that customers always connect with the appropriate agents. It features a universal queue for your real-time interactions and a consolidated interface.

With the “ACD” from NICE inContact, you can increase customer satisfaction with more relevant interactions, optimise your contact handling strategy, and better empower your customer service team at the same time.

NICE inContact CXone Interactive Voice Response

The advanced cloud IVR solution from NICE inContact is designed to reduce and manage cost-per-call by allowing customers to select their preferred kind of assistance, including speaking to assistants, or self-service. The system frees up agents to handle complex cases and speeds up time to resolution for customers as well.

Businesses can use the service to provide a centralised CXone IVR system across multiple contact centres, and there’s even an option for an automatic call back to customers

NICE inContact CXone Personal Connection

Finally, the Personal Connection solution from NICE inContact is a proactive outbound dialling solution intended to create more revenue for businesses. Sales teams have an easier time achieving their quota with fewer hang-ups. Plus, the customer service team can reduce inbound calls with personalised, timely outbound communication.

NICE inContact Omnichannel Routing Benefits

According to MarketersMedia research, the global omnichannel market is growing at a rate of 21.48%. However, to truly unlock the power of omnichannel, you need the correct routing strategy.

NICE inContact offers a host of benefits with its advanced three-step routing solution, including:

  • Optimise customer experiences across any channels: Ensure that your customers always have the right conversations with the best agents for their needs. Connect customer data using CRM integrations, and find out exactly where your clients need you to be
  • Deliver more personalised experiences: With NICE inContact, companies can offer end-to-end control for their customers, allowing them to choose the kind of experience that they want. Optimised call routing leads to lower abandonment rates on calls, while self-service opportunities give customers the option to take the wheel
  • Business speed and flexibility: Ensure that you maintain the best levels of productivity and efficiency in your business. With NICE inContact Omnichannel routing, you can ensure that agents get the calls that they’re trained for or best equipped to deal with and that they can satisfy customers quicker. What’s more, the easy-to-use omnichannel interface makes managing conversations a breeze
  • Improve team performance: Give your employees the motivational boost they need by improving everything from average handle time to customer lifetime value. Showcasing your metrics is a great way to inspire your employees
  • Empower agents with MAX: The My Agent Experience tool built-in with NICE inContact Omnichannel routing helps to personalise the customer service experience for agents, giving them more control over their workday. Happier agents lead to more satisfied customers, better productivity, and a stronger workforce

Target Market & Regional Availability

NICE inContact Cloud Omnichannel routing is available to all companies considering the deployment of a new omnichannel strategy. You can contact the NICE inContact team to find out whether your business is suited to the Omnichannel solution today.

How to Buy & Pricing

Currently, NICE inContact doesn’t offer to price for their omnichannel call routing solution on their website. You’ll need to contact the sales team directly for a quote.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Nice inContact offers one of the world’s most popular customer experience platforms through CXone in the cloud. With the collection of CXone solutions in NICE inContact’s omnichannel routing strategy, you can build stronger experiences for both your customers and your contact centre agents.

With help from NICE inContact, companies can build a complete communication powerhouse, with analytics, omnichannel routing, and workforce optimisation all built into the same platform. NICE inContact is the only contact centre vendor on the market currently recognised as a market leader by Frost and Sullivan, Gartner, DMG, IDC, and Ovum.

Q: Can I combine inbound and outbound interactions?

A: Yes, NICE inContact omnichannel routing allows you to bring your inbound and outbound contact centres together to maximise agent efficiency, improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities and more.

Q: How does NICE inContact improve customer satisfaction?

A: NICE inContact Omnichannel routing delivers increased satisfaction through higher first contact resolution rates, enabled by intelligent routing. You can reduce average handle time by ensuring that every client connects with the best agent to serve their needs. Plus, you ensure that your clients get to communicate with you on the channel they prefer.

Q: How flexible is NICE inContact Omnichannel?

A: With NICE inContact, you can make changes to your contact centres within hours, reducing the time to deploy new channels and strategies significantly. Streamline your design strategy and implement things like self-service and automatic call-back with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Q: What is MAX?

A: My Agent Experience is an agent interface designed to allow agents to customise their interactions, regardless of channel. The tool automatically presents customer information to an agent using historical data and information from your CRM integrations. The service also allows agents to supervise and coach agents on-the-go.


4.6 out of 5

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