NICE inContact Shows that Digital Channel Use is Growing

CX transformation benchmark reveals need for seamless omnichannel

NICE inContact Shows that Digital Channel Use is Growing

NICE inContact, a cloud contact centre leader offering the world’s favourite cloud customer experience platform, recently announced new findings from a global research study. The research measured real-world customer experience (CX) by looking at Net Promoter Score, loyalty, advocacy, satisfaction, and more in-service interactions.

The second NICE inContact Customer Experience Benchmark study looked at consumers from Australia, the UK, and the US, and examined year-over-year results for 2018 vs. 2017. Today, the latest research suggests that digital channels for communications are growing more popular than ever.

The Key Findings

The NICE inContact benchmark study surveyed over 2,400 consumers about their most recent customer service experiences across 11 channels, which included self-service and agent-assisted options.

The key findings of the survey included:

  • Chat is the most popular option for customer satisfaction – though it needs to be a chat with a live 56% of US customers are satisfied with chat interactions. 47% of UK and 44% of Australian customers feel the same way
  • 9 out of 10 consumers say that they want a seamless transition when moving from one customer service communication method to another in omnichannel environments
  • 83% of customers said they’re more willing to recommend companies with exceptional service on social media. 89% claimed that they would buy more products and services from those brands, and 82% said they would go out of their way to purchase from those companies. 81% of customers also said that they would move to another company to avoid a bad experience
  • Around 27% of users gave automated assistants a 9 out of 10 rating for satisfaction. Consumers believe that AI has yet to mature in the customer service space. 79% of respondents felt that virtual assistants and chatbots needed to get smarter before they’d be willing to use them regularly

The Changing World of Customer Experience

According to the CEO of NICE inContact, Paul Jarman, businesses aren’t being measured in the same way that they used to be. The CX Transformation Benchmark study shows that companies need to continue investing in their digital transformation strategy if they want to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The research also suggests that AI still has a long way to go before it can give consistently extraordinary and meaningful moments for customers.

Companies from every background are now competing in a new environment where they need to fight consistently for customer advocacy and loyalty. The latest study from NICE inContact just goes to show that today’s organisations can’t rely on their price points or product qualities to delight their audiences – they need to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers at every level to drive bottom and top-line growth.

With so many new vendors and service channels appearing on the marketplace all the time, the increasingly cluttered world of communication can only be overcome with exceptional customer service. NICE inContact believes that a native and open cloud contact centre platform will give modern businesses the flexibility they need to evolve to face these new customer expectations.


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