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Evaluating NEVA – A True Differentiator for Modern Businesses?

Billed as an application that makes 'automation a personal experience' NEVA by NICE, is pegged as every employee's 'go-to' tool

Evaluating NEVA – A True Differentiator for Modern Businesses?

NEVA is meant to improve employee experiences by automating daily tasks, and thereby boosting productivity and strategic focus.

NICE Employee Virtual Assistant or “NEVA”, can simplify everyday workflows for both front & back-office employees, driving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and locating opportunities for upselling. The product is billed as the ‘first virtual assistant designed specifically for employees’, and could significantly impact worker performance and service levels.

With employees freed from repetitive and mundane tasks, they can now focus on what matters most – while NEVA, triggered by clear action, and context-centered guidance can move towards automating these regular assignments. Training needs are contained, timelines are optimised, and employees feel energetic and more enthused.

NEVA is powered by its parent entity’s NICE Desktop Automation suite, and carries the customised capabilities and intelligence to manage the unique desktop needs of each employee.

Powered by NICE Desktop Automation, NEVA is built with the unique capabilities and intelligence to handle the dynamic, complex nature of each employee’s desktop environment.

Inside NEVA

Here are NEVA’s key features:

  • Real-time support & guidance with next-best action suggestions
  • Clear and rich contextual data, from the employee’s desktop via multiple systems
  • On-screen compliance prompts
  • Routine task management with focus on speed and accuracy

NEVA can be directly activated via chat, or can automatically triggered through an employee’s on-screen movements. It works in close coordination with an employee, ensuring he/she can focus on quality delivery and better customer service, even as administrative needs or complex processes are simplified by NEVA.

Briefly, these are the primary benefits NEVA aims to achieve:

Propel efficiency: NEVA helps to automate regularised systems and assignments, as mentioned, and thereby helps companies meet their targets. It can collect data from any 3rd party enterprise application in real-time, streamlining workflows, intelligently analysing the said information, for quick calculations and assessments.

Maintain compliance: NEVA makes adherence to company norms, rules, and regulation a simple, hassle-free process by prompting employees to read disclaimers. It ensures all policy-related tasks are completed, before the employee moves on.

Further, live agents are helped by NEVA to coherently speak on specific scenarios, by offering them a pre-recommended script. This consolidates service quality across the board, regardless of the employee, maintaining a standard for all interactions.

Push Sales: NEVA operates as a digital sales rep, offering employees insights and ideas on the customer. This is aided by prompting employees with relevant data on current sales promotions or offers, based on the customer’s unique buying journey. It also shares sales scripts, and completes the final ordering mechanism, freeing the employee to take up the next task.

Opinion – final thoughts

Oded Karev, VP Advanced Process Automation Solutions, NICE, believes NEVA has the potential to shift global market perceptions of the human-robot dynamics: “You see, technology is already forming a huge part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. It’s happening. Consumers can access AI and cognitive technology from their pockets and as time progresses new technology naturally integrates into everyday life.”

“The same is true for the workplace. Employees are consumers too and many are already familiar with AI and new technology. Just as this technology adds value to their everyday lives, innovations like NEVA, give human employees an opportunity to boost their performance at work and grow their careers.”

In the highly competitive modern business landscape employees require smart, agile, and user-friendly tools. NEVA looks to be one such product which could genuinely transform customer interactivity, and help boost employee delivery benchmarks.

We’ll be looking into NEVA more in the coming days, keep an eye out for more details…


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