Fortifying Your Contact Centre with NICE Real-Time Authentication

Add efficiency & resilience to your authentication processes

Fortifying Your Contact Centre with NICE Real-Time Authentication

“By 2020, 75% of omni-channel customer-facing organisations will sustain a targeted, cross-channel fraud attack with the contact centre as the primary point of compromise.” Gartner, Don’t Let the Contact Centre Be Your ‘Achilles Heel’ of Fraud Prevention, 2017

Keeping customers safe from threats without wasting their valuable time should be the number one priority for any modern contact centre – and NICE Real-Time Authentication offers the perfect solution.

Recognising the shifting demands of a modern consumer who expects service to be fast and efficient, yet safe and secure, NICE is offering a revolutionary holistic authentication solution that helps improve customer experience (CX), drive down cost dramatically while increasing security, and ensures that contact centres can perform better than ever before.

To explain in further detail, we have written a review on all the features NICE Real-Time Authentication has to offer and described the benefits it can bring to the contact centre.

What can it do?

In place of the tedious, long-winded security question verification processes that waste the consumer’s time and make calls longer than they should, NICE Real-Time Authentication uses innovative Voice Biometrics techniques in order to identify the consumers based on their voice alone.

Not only reducing the average handling time (AHT) by 40 seconds on average (multiply that by the thousands of calls a contact centre receives per day for a better understanding of cost savings), NICE Real-Time Authentication also helps contain more calls within self-service channels. Applying voice biometrics on self-service channels means that the level of security is increased so that consumers can resolve additional issues independently and agents can focus their efforts on resolving complex issues.

Moreover, by leveraging NICE Recording and using a single voiceprint across all channels within the contact centre, NICE Real-Time Authentication ensures that callers are authenticated using voice biometrics starting on day one, and it doesn’t require surplus effort from consumers for enrolling to the service. This distinguishes NICE Real-Time Authentication from any other solution in the market that requires callers to repeat a certain phrase 3 times in order to enrol, a task that most callers don’t complete.

With NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention, contact centres are able to unobtrusively screen all interactions for fraud using voice biometrics watch lists and generating real-time alerts to ensure fraud prevention. In addition, NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention is fully integrated with NICE Actimize’s Enterprise Risk Case Management for further risk management and threat mitigation across the enterprise.

What do we like the most? 

Though NICE Real-Time Authentication offers many innovative features that help keep contact centres and their customers safe from threats, the main differentiator lays in the fact that it uses a single voiceprint across channels, meaning that end-customers don’t need to invest any effort in enrolling into the service.

Who is it for?

Any busy contact centre looking to improve its defences against fraudulent activity, speed up call turnover, drive down cost and keep its agents focussed on delivering great service to its valued customers would benefit enormously from investing in NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention.

UCToday Opinion

Though security questions were once an effective way to counter fraudulent activity, as criminal behaviour evolves and the expectation of the customer increases, this type of solution is no longer enough and contact centres must find an alternative if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Considering this, we believe NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention offers the perfect solution that gives the customer what they want whilst ensuring that no fraudulent activity goes unnoticed and that businesses are able to quickly identify and act upon incidents as soon as they occur.

Have any questions about NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention that weren’t covered in the review? Are there any experiences with this product you wish to share with others? Want to know more about how effective NICE Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention is? If so, please feel free to submit your comments to the section below and communicate with our other readers.

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