Oak Innovation Appoints Simon Colledge National Head of Sales

James Emm takes on new strategic partnership role

Oak Innovation Appoints Simon Colledge National Head of Sales

Oak has announced two strategic leadership appointments this week to further consolidate the company’s position as a mid-market player.

Executive partner, James Emm, has assumed the new role of Director of Strategic Partnerships, handing on the baton of National Sales Manager to Simon Colledge. Together, these appointments are indicative of Oak’s drive for change and growth in the challenging marketplace.

Simon is well-positioned to take on the mantle from James as head of sales. He has been with Oak for 22 years, most recently as Area Sales Manager, and has an unrivalled understanding of the communications management industry.

“Stepping into James’ shoes is going to be a challenge, but it is one I’m very excited about. We have a number of plans in the pipeline, and are looking at a 25% sales growth rate in the next two years.”

James’ new role will go a long way towards achieving this target, as he focuses on developing existing industry relationships and pursuing new partnership opportunities.

“The industry today is all about collaboration in order to raise our game, our profile, and to have the most attractive customer offering. We are in a strong position as a known and respected brand and I want to capitalise on the connections we already have, as well as actively seeking out new exciting opportunities.”


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