Oak Releases New IVR Payment Solution to Make PCI Compliance Easy

Cloud IVR payment system helps contact centres securely process card payments

Oak Releases New IVR Payment Solution to Make PCI Compliance Easy

Oak Innovation has launched PaymentAssist, an intelligent cloud IVR payment system that helps contact centres securely process card payments in line with PCI DSS regulations.

On-call payment processing has historically left businesses exposed to potential data breaches from agents handling card data over the phone, leading to the emergence of ‘clean room’ environments to reduce risk. It has also posed a challenge for companies recording calls, requiring the call to be automatically paused whilst the payment is taken so no record is kept.

PaymentAssist provides a simple cost-effective solution. Sensitive card details are captured away from the office environment before being sent on to the Payment Service Provider (PSP), thereby removing the risk of misconduct, ensuring PCI compliance and improving customer experience.

Merchants can select agent-assisted and self-service payment options:

The agent assisted option simplifies PCI compliance by securely taking payments without the need to pause and resume recording. The agent remains on the phone using a screen view of progress to prompt and assist the caller throughout.

The self assisted option offers a fully automated service that can be fully branded, is available 24/7 and requires no agent involvement.  This option significantly reduces the cost when compared to a traditional call centre transaction, improves customer access and is ideal for organisations with seasonal spikes in payment calls.

PaymentAssist is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant solution that works with any call centre environment and integrates with the major Payment Service providers (PSPs).  As a cloud-based service, there’s no on-site installation required and it can be used alongside any Oak call recording, call analytics and CRM integration platforms to improve performance and service.


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