Omni-channel Customer Contact with NFON

Take a look at a video interview with NFON where we discuss omni-channel contact centres

Omni-channel Customer Contact with NFON

UC Today presenter Patrick Watson was joined by Markus Krammer, who is Vice President for Products and New Business at NFON.

First up Patrick asks Markus about some research that he has seen that details that around 35% of businesses operating contact centres still do not have the capability to handle and manage multi-channel communication. Markus explains that, even though this figure does vary across different markets, it is still too high as the landscape of customer service has changed and more customers want to be able to communicate with businesses via different methods.

Markus tells Patrick about how NFON’s proposition in the contact centre can remedy those pain points for customers by providing a solution that can cater for all types of communication. Ncontactcenter is their offering to the market and it provides a variety of innovations that aim to improve customer service provision for their customers. Markus explains that integrating chat and social media channels is a high priority for most of their customers and the ability to integrate those alongside their own internal communications is critical.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Markus Krammer from NFON.

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