Ooma and Talkdesk Offer Best-in-Class Contact Centre Solutions

Talkdesk and Ooma work together on contact centre platform

Ooma and Talkdesk Offer Best-in-Class Contact Centre Solutions

Ooma Inc., a clever communications platform for consumers and businesses alike, recently announced that their Ooma Enterprise service will be adding the Talkdesk contact centre platform into their business phone solution.

The CEO of Talkdesk, Tiago Paiva said that the company is thrilled to welcome Ooma into the Talkdesk reseller partner program and that Ooma shares Talkdesk’s commitment to offering their customers the best possible services and tools.

As part of the new collaboration, Talkdesk will also be adding the Ooma Enterprise service into their AppConnect store – the first enterprise app store in the world. The AppConnect service is designed to change the way that businesses upgrade and enhance their call centre platforms, and it should give Ooma a broader reach to new potential customers.

The Ooma Enterprise Service

Ooma Enterprise is Ooma’s highly scalable and customisable /unified-communications/ucaas solution for mid-to-large enterprises. Intended to offer a highly reliable and globally-distributed architecture through APIs and open design, Ooma Enterprise already supports companies like Optimizely and Slack. Features of Ooma Enterprise range all the way from custom app integration options, to mobile apps, and call analytics.

The connection between Ooma Enterprise and Talkdesk should allow Ooma to provide more value to their customers. The Talkdesk solution for Ooma Enterprise features:

  • Plenty of personalisation options: Users can leverage up to 50 out-of-the-box integrations with systems like ServiceNow and Salesforce, as well as open APIs that allow for easier integration across an entire organisation
  • Enterprise-class reliability: The contact centre service is global, scalable, and highly secure. Thanks to a microservices architecture, customers anywhere can tap into the benefits of Talkdesk and Ooma on any channel, and any device
  • Adaptable and straightforward: Ooma Enterprise with Talkdesk integration is simple to use, and ideal for companies that want to stay ahead of changing customer expectations. You can quickly add new IVR responses to your system, add agents, provision numbers, and adapt your routing strategies – all without learning any code

According to the CEO of Ooma, Eric Stang, around one in 10 UCaaS users in any business works within a contact centre environment, serving employees through IT and HR, or customers through standard service. Ooma is excited to be offering a new category-leading service through Talkdesk to their growing network of customers.


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AvatarPatsy Powell 04:09, 11 Sep 2018

I have two line and neither one is working — again –! I can’t figure out what;s wrong w ith them and I do not have a cell phone to call ooma on.
Why don’t they have a live chat for repair for people without cell phones.? I’ve had to borrow a cell phone several times to get my lines
working again and it has been too often. The people work and use their phones w hen they are home. Soo what am I supposed to do to get my 2 lines working again . An even better question is why do both lines go gout atthesamet ime? I should be able to call you on one of t he lines to correct the other line if it has problems. I’ve invested a lot in this phone system, my time and agitation is worth more than the money, and I’m disgusted. I have not been able to find a problem with my phone on my end so what am I supposed to do now?
Another question, why don’t you have a live chat line so your repair
people can talk to us if our phones aren’t working?
I realize that over 50% of the people in the world have cell phones but why aren’t the people that do not provided for as well? Thhis has become a big pain.

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