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Out Loud: Customer Success Superstar Nicolle Paradise

During Talkdesk's annual conference, Opentalk, we spoke to global public speaker and customer service guru Nicolle Paradise

Out Loud: Customer Success Superstar Nicolle Paradise

Keynote Speaker, on Customer Experience and Leadership, and Head of Experience at TEDx San Francisco, Nicolle Paradise is the special guest on today’s podcast.

Patrick starts by asking Nicolle about the premise for hero opening keynote at Opentalk. Nicolle explains that it isn’t just a case of throwing money at the problem, to provide truly great customer experiences, it is crucial to consider various aspects including culture and leadership.

Nicolle also explains that the true value of CX is only just being realised within industry as a whole. For years companies have considered customer contact as a cost to the business rather than a crucial avenue to achieve their own business success.

Patrick wants to understand if this more recent realisation is only being motivated by a fear of disruption, or by a more genuine desire to help customers.

Finally Patrick asks Nicolle, as a global traveller in the world of customer service, what is next on her calendar.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Nicolle Paradise.

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