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Out Loud: Diabolocom & Proactive Contact Centre

Diabolocom are looking to help their partners create more proactive contact centres and we find out how

Out Loud: Diabolocom & Proactive Contact Centre

Patrick was joined by special guest Patrice Orenes-Lerma who is Marketing Director at Diabolocom.

Firstly Patrice gives us some of the background on the traditional contact centre, often premises-based the limitations were caused by the number of system integrations that were available. Now with cloud platforms the possibilities increase vastly and that is the exact premise of the Diabolocom model.

“Since the beginning we have decided to provide a solution that erases any technical issues for our customers by providing a cloud solution.”

As well as a shift in the infrastructure and logistics of the traditional contact centre there is also a change taking place in their ethos to reflect changing consumer demands. Consumers are looking for service providers to differentiate themselves in ways other than price. Now customer service is a key factor in many buyer’s minds when making a decision. Diabolocom want to help their partners provide the best service possible by reducing the amount of effort a consumer has to put in when communicating with a business. This forms the basis of a more proactive service model and more proactive contact centres.

“A low customer effort score is key to gaining loyalty and customer retention, if the customer doesn’t have to make too much effort in their interaction with a brand then they have more chance of remaining a customer (for that business)”

The huge benefit of a more proactive approach is a reduction in consumer frustration. If an organisation can contact a customer before a failure, which otherwise would have caused an inbound service request, then the chance of mitigating the issues are dramatically improved. Patrice explains that one of the most critical factors is the ability for an organisation to know where the relevant customer information is located within their business and then connect that system to a contact centre so that an agent has the information that they need to proactively solve issues. Patrice believes Diabolocom’s cloud native approach to the contact centre is absolutely vital as this enables services that utilise APIs to be open and communicate with other systems.

Patrice Orenes-Lerma, Diabolocom

Patrice Orenes-Lerma, Diabolocom

Finally Patrick asks Patrice to explain the main parameters that Diabolocom consider when they are approached by an organisation looking to revolutionise their service provision. Patrice explains that there are a number of factors including finding the right time to contact customers before any issues arise and also ensuring that agents are provided with the most relevant information from the most relevant data system in advance of any contact.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson is joined by special guest Patrice Orenes-Lerma of Diabolocom.

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