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Out Loud: Dialpad on TalkIQ Acquisition

We hear from, Dialpad CEO, Craig Walker about their acquisition of TalkIQ and how AI can enhance their service to customers

Out Loud: Dialpad on TalkIQ Acquisition

CEO of Dialpad Craig Walker joins Patrick on the podcast to discuss the acquisition of TalkIQ, explore some of the reasons behind it and also examine the benefits that Dialpad can deliver to customers.

Craig first discusses the business and platform synergies that TalkIQ and Dialpad had which made them a perfect match for integration.

We then explore some of the use cases that Dialpad have enabled with their platform and how they are using AI to really enhance services to customers.

We then ask Craig to do the impossible and try and predict the future. Dialpad invest heavily in research and development so they are well placed to understand where we might be headed in terms of future development. Dialpad are fully aware that use of emerging technologies has to fully empower businesses to maximise efficiency and improve the effectiveness of their staff.

In closing Craig explains how the addition of TalkIQ and the enhancements he has described really give Dialpad a competitive advantage within the industry.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Craig Walker.

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AvatarSpeech Technologies 101: Getting Creative with Communication – Aeradio Technology Pte Ltd 03:07, 10 Jul 2018

[…] to address this concept by combining real-time speech recognition with artificial intelligence. Dialpad recently purchased TalkIQ to help companies in their userbase capture and learn from the conversations they’re having – […]

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