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Out Loud: Genesys to Utilise Google AI Across Its Platforms

Genesys join us for today's podcast to tell us more about the extended integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI across all three of its platforms

Out Loud: Genesys to Utilise Google AI Across Its Platforms

Patrick is joined by special guest Christopher Connolly, who is Vice President for Product Marketing at Genesys.

Firstly Chris tells Patrick about how the relationship first started with Google. Genesys were one of the first contact centre providers to partner with Google Cloud and this latest announcement will extend the scope of engagement across the Genesys portfolio.

“This latest announcement is an extension of that (partnership) where we have taken the capability to all three of the Genesys platforms: Pure Cloud, PureEngage and Pure Connect.”

Chris explains that because of this extended integration, Genesys is now able to offer all of its customers the benefits of this technology. Some of the capabilities in terms of speech recognition and the agent assistance features will have immediate benefits for customers.

“Google doesn’t enter these markets lightly, and when they do they usually change the game.”

Chris also explains that Genesys has developed its own internal use of AI but adding Google’s capabilities further enhances all of the three platforms complimenting its use in different areas. Chris provides Patrick with some example use cases where AI is being used in different areas by Genesys’s customers.

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly, Genesys

Patrick asks Chris about how Genesys helps its customers to apply the solutions that it provides across its three products. Chris tells Patrick that in most cases it is not about the technology directly but more about how that is applied in the background, to provide genuine ROI.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Christopher Connolly from Genesys.

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