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Out Loud: High Five for Five9 at Customer Contact Week 2018

During Customer Contact Week 2018 we spoke to Five9 for their view on the event and the industry in general

Out Loud: High Five for Five9 at Customer Contact Week 2018

Patrick was joined at the event, firstly, by special guest Dan Burkland, who is President of Five9, and then by Niki Hall who is their VP for Corporate Marketing.

Firstly Dan and Patrick discuss the CCW18 event in general. The night before recording Dan had presented the annual CCW awards so we get his feelings on a really special evening of recognition for customer service excellence.

Dan then gives us an update on Five9‘s year so far, looking at their growth and main targets in the contact centre space. He also takes a look at the industry in general and how it is changing so rapidly.

Patrick and Dan then focus on the main differentiators for Five9 which are enabling them to stand out in such a competitive space.

Patrick is then joined by Niki Hall. Patrick and Niki discuss the importance of the event from a Five9 perspective. Niki points out that CCW is a unique event in the industry as it is entirely CX focused, whether that is with enabling technology platforms or a more general ideology.

Niki also examines some of the reasons behind Five9’s extraordinary growth. She highlights their team ethos, deep feature integration, cloud native approach and unique support offerings.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guests Dan Burkland and Niki Hall.


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